Developers to move fast thanks to new Rocky council program

AN INNOVATIVE program of Rockhampton Regional Council is cutting back on the wait and the red tape when it comes to low risk development applications.

Local residents and developers may receive approvals in as little as one week thanks to council's newly adopted "Fast Track Program".

The new program works to simplify applications for low risk developments and provide a faster turnaround by streamlining the assessment process.

Council's Planning and Development Committee chair, Mayor Margaret Strelow said it's a milestone for council and great news for the entire region.

"We have wanted to make the application process easier and quicker for the community," Mayor Strelow said.

"Not all applications, especially our low risk applications which tick all of the required boxes, need the lengthy and sometimes frustrating application process.

"Our new process will mean applications that fit the criteria can be turned around within five business days and that's great news for our developers and our region's growth," Mayor Strelow said.

The program delivers a significant improvement to approval times for duplexes and multi-unit dwellings when compared to the current legislative timeframes required by the Integrated Development Assessment System (IDAS). 
Under the current IDAS process, straight forward applications can have up to three months for approval, though the legislative framework allows for six months for code assessable applications. 

For further information on the Fast Track Program, contact Rockhampton Regional Council on 1300 22 55 77.

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