Devotees meet the Master

WHEN the Master comes to town there is always going to be a load of interest.

At the weekend the visitor to Rockhampton was Tae Kwondo Master Michael Muleta and he put students through an intense practical seminar at Doug's Dojang, North Rockhampton High School.

Chief instructor Doug Swain was delighted with the turn out and more importantly the information passed on by the Master.

“There were probably about 30 of my people there,” Swain said.

“They ranged from about six to 56 (years).”

Throughout the year Swain invites high ranking exponents of the art of tae kwondo to make the trip to Central Queensland and pass their knowledge and experience to his students.

Not only does this ensure fresh information is relayed, it also reinforces to local students that instruction they receive from instructors at their home club is valid.

Not that the sessions carried out by Master Muleta allowed students to sit back and gather information.

The first session conducted by the 7th dan was a physical workout.

“He was showing different ways of doing things,” Swain reported,

“Thinking outside the box.”

From there Swain was keen to see the session progress.

“I asked him if he could be more technical,” Swain said.

“(The session) was more technical for the next two hours,” Swain said.

“It involved understanding why they do things.

“He also worked on self-defence.

The Master displayed ways students could improve and perfect body movement.

All in all, Swain said the visit proved to be very successful.

“He was happy with the standard of our people,” he said.

The visit has also opened the door to future student development.

“We are having discussions about tours next year,” Swain announced.

He said he would like tae kwondo to follow other sports with student groups travelling to places like New Zealand, Melbourne and Canberra to compete.

“It would lift standards by competing at tournaments that are run a bit differently,” Swain added.

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