Dirty little cleaning secrets creeping into your household

HAVE you ever washed your hairbrush?

I was reading on Facebook (because if it is on Facebook then it must be true) that we should be cleaning or replacing common household items a lot more often than we do.

I wasn't surprised that a toothbrush needed replacing after three months.

I think it is a pretty clear indicator if it looks like the dog has been chewing on it, then it is time for a new one.

But I hadn't thought about replacing my toothbrush after I'd had a cold or the flu; apparently germs in your toothbrush can lead to further infection.

And then there is the loofah.

I know they are designed to remove dead skin cells, but where do those dead skin cells go? Sometimes nowhere.

Yes, they can get caught in the fibres, so if you don't dry your loofah out they can breed bacteria.

And while there is a lot of debate online about how often you should wash your hair, what about your hairbrush?

It is suggested you clean your hairbrush about once a month, simply using shampoo, and letting it dry, otherwise you are brushing with dust, dirt, oil, bacteria, dead skin flakes, loose hair and old product build-up.

If you don't like creepy crawlies, you are probably not going to like what I am going to say next.

One website reports we shed 3kg of skin each year so there can be anywhere from 100,000 to 2,000,000 dust mites living in your bed.

Another mentioned several thousand spores of fungus are most likely living in your pillow and even after only one year of use, 10% to 15% of your pillow's weight may be made up of dust-mite waste.

Looks like I'm calling in to Spotlight on my way home from work today.

There are plenty of websites telling you when you should clean other household items like your bed sheets, mattresses, blankets, and towels even, and that is before you even venture into the rest of the household.

The amount of cleaning required is enough to make you curl up under the bed sheets.

But then it might make you wonder just how many dust mites are joining you.


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