ECONOMICALLY IMPACTED: The Marlborough Convenience Store co-owner Debbie Riley
ECONOMICALLY IMPACTED: The Marlborough Convenience Store co-owner Debbie Riley Kerri-Anne Mesner

'Disgrace' over lack of details in Shoalwater Master Plan

THEY are the people in the community who have been left out of the initial consultation, scared by the possibility of seeing their clients forced off the land and they continue to be left in the dark.

The Marlborough community consisting of a number of business owners and many community organisations have no idea how much their lives can be impacted by the expansion of Shoalwater Bay Military Training Area because the Federal Government will not release the Master Plan publicly.

Marlborough Against Defence Land Grab committee chair Danii McKenzie said yet again, the community has been mislead and misinformed.

"This is yet another disgrace of poor treatment and communication,” she said.

"We have been extremely nervous and anxious leading up to the release of the Master Plan, to now be informed that we will not even have access to view it.

"This is a huge disappointment for us. I can not understand why they continue to make mistake after mistake, and treat us this way.

"They promised us that we would be able to view the Master Plan, they need to live up to this and allow it to be publicly viewed. If they have nothing to hide, why keep it from the public?”

Mrs McKenzie and her husband Darryl own Marlborough Motors - one of the businesses that was at risk of losing more then half of their clients through the initial proposed land acquisition area.

The others included the Marlborough Convenience and Hardware Store, Marlborough Hotel, the Post Office and KP Produce.

”I question how they can justify the socioeconomic impact assessment study,” Mrs McKenzie said.

"We do not know what the impact is. We don't know what is on the Master Plan, we do not know who and where is selling, and what the loss of that will be. How can we submit an impact assessment without this information. Basically the study cannot be justified.”

At a press conference yesterday, Capricornia MP Michelle Landry said she would push for those people to be able to see the Master Plan.

"This will be ongoing and it's something that we need to make sure that everyone is looked after,” she said.

"I think too that there has been a major scare campaign with this, particularly with the numbers of cattle that are being killed at the meatworks.

"I've been in contact with the management of both meatworks and they are telling me that between both meatworks there's about 8,000 head of cattle a year that come from Marlborough to those meatworks, which is probably just over a weeks worth of killing.

"So stories of the meatworks closing down and all these people being out of work is certainly not true.”

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