The Morning Bulletin readers are divided on a Central Queensland council's call to cull feral cats.
The Morning Bulletin readers are divided on a Central Queensland council's call to cull feral cats. Contributed

'Disgusting, cruel, about time': CQ's claws out over controversial $10 cat scalp bounty

CLAWS are out over a divisive call to cull Central Queensland's feral cats.   Within seconds of sharing news of the $10 price tag the Banana Shire has put on cat scalps, battle lines were drawn between the region's cat lovers and haters.   More than 1000 readers have voted in The Morning Bulletin's online poll, with the majority are in favour of the cull; 54% of the total 1081 voters as of 3.20pm.   Of those, 29% (322 people) believe the $10 bounty should be higher.   Closely behind them are the "there must be a better way" believers, making up 43% of voters (467 people).

Get your vote in below, even if you are the 1% of people who didn't care before and "don't care now".

Do you think putting a bounty on feral cats is the right solution?

This poll ended on 20 October 2017.

Current Results

Yes, they are a pest and it should be more than $10


Yes, $10 is a fair price


No, there must be a better way


I didn't care before, and I don't care now


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

The council has allocated $25,000 in its Land Protection budget to cover the cost of the bounty and will continue the program until this funding is exhausted.

Their decision has opened up discussion on where to draw the line, with some commentators outraged cats will pay the ultimate price for their owners' decisions.

Here's what readers had to say:

  • Lindsay Lakin: If people looked after their cats we wouldn't be in this position where they are pest and destroying all other wildlife it's unfair on the other wildlife they are killing every day.

Other readers believe scalp-happy-hunters won't distinguish between the domestic and feral felines and indiscriminately kill the lot:

  • Kimberley Wheeler: This is disgusting any jo blo will just find a cat (domestic or not) and get the money why don't they fund desexing instead?
  • Teaghan Smith: Oh that's going to end up like every other time it's been tried across the country. People trap pet cats on their lawns, kill them for the money. Good job. Apparently nothing has been learnt from the past.

Pete Torrisi wonders though, why cap the bounty at cats?

"This is a great idea and should be rolled out all over regional Australia," he commented.

"The bounty should be widened to foxes and cane toads."


  • Leonard Craker: Bout time they kill about 1 million natives a week.
  • Lachlan Jarrett: This is a great move taken to preserve our native wildlife. Take the bounty away and it is still a great initiative to support the culling of a feral pest. I hope other councils take this action on board. Bounty or not I'm still going to do my best to cull the numbers where I live.
  • Scott Frost: About time something gets done about the cats everywhere. Now all the councils need to do is enforce registration, desexing and breeding like they do with dogs.
  • Gavin Cole: I have desexed inside cats which are pets. I would not hesitate to shoot a feral cat as the damage one cat can do to our wildlife in its lifetime is massive. I think it's a great insensitive from the local council


  • Kelly Smith: If the council touches my cat or anyone does it for them look out law suits. This is animal cruelty at its finest. Disgusting council
  • Chloé Taylor: Are you serious????? I'm not a cat lover but that's just insane.. I'm hoping that's only feral cats??? But put them down humanely thats digusting!!! so many domestic ones get out too.. the council disgust me yet again to their treatment of animals..
  • Susan Curtis: Yes it is sad and disgusting they would even suggest it animal cruelty.
  • Leash Maree: Are you serious thats sick and wrong people will prob go killing peoples pets cos of this. What about dogs that are always roaming


  • Helen Bant: Make desexing free problem will decrease

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