FOOD Matters, a documentary about nutrition, health and well-being, produced by Sunshine Coast couple James Colquhoun and Laurentine ten Bosch, has just cracked 100,000 sales and is now airing in more than 30 countries.

The film, which was launched 18 months ago, has been shown on French channel Canal Plus, after being dubbed into French for broadcast through 27 countries, as well as the Noga TV network in Israel.

It will premiere on the Rialto Channel in New Zealand next month and has also been included on the in-flight entertainment schedule on Singapore Airlines and Air New Zealand flights.

Food Matters, which operates from the University of the Sunshine Coast's Innovation Centre, is also partnering with other filmmakers to distribute nutrition, well-being and sustainable living films because of the demand for information in the area.

Producer and director James Colquhoun said the couple developed the documentary after watching his father struggle with chronic fatigue, depression and anxiety.

“It was clear the conventional drug-based approach was not working for him, as it doesn't for many people, and he needed a different angle of attack,” he said.

“We studied all that we could and encouraged him to read many books, but it just wasn't getting through. That was when we decided to create a film that offered a multi-media learning approach and delivered everything in a quick and concise fashion.

"After watching the footage he started implementing healthier lifestyle changes straight away, and his health rebounded completely and he withdrew from all his other medications without any side effects.

“What we learned throughout this journey was so astounding that we wanted to share it with others, so Food Matters was born.”

The documentary's website recently recorded more than 95,000 visits in one month. Ms ten Bosch said the film was recently launched into the North American retail market.

Innovation Centre entrepreneur-in-residence Nigel Hall said the success could be just the tip of an iceberg.

“They saw a need, learned new skills and created a product for which there is a strong demand,” Nigel said.

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