Doctor sexually abused underage daughter for seven years

A doctor who was jailed for having a sexual relationship with his young daughter over seven years will never again be allowed to work as a health practitioner.

The doctor, in his mid-50s, who served two years and nine months of a five-year jail term before being released on parole, wanted to resume working as a medical practitioner.

A tribunal said there were no grounds to conclude that the doctor, who has finished his sentence, would present any immediate risks to patients if he resumed practising.

However, a judge said the doctor's "heinous conduct'' in sexually exploiting his own daughter so indelibly marked his character that he could not be regarded as fit to hold registration.

The overseas-born doctor, who cannot be named because it could identify his daughter, in 2015 was found guilty by a jury of maintaining a sexual relationship with a child under 16.

The daughter was nine when he began committing sexual acts on her.

The trial judge said over a seven-year period the doctor sexually violated his daughter for his own sexual gratification.

The judge said he had shown no remorse, after his defence counsel, on his instructions, put to the victim that there was no truth to her allegations and he gave evidence denying the crime.

After a disciplinary hearing in Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal, Deputy President Judge John Allen said the doctor's "heinous sexual offending'' against his vulnerable daughter amounted to professional misconduct.

The doctor had also failed to notify the Medical Board of Australia when he was charged and convicted and he made a false declaration when renewing his registration.

The doctor, who gained his medical qualifications overseas before migrating with his family to Australia in 2004, has not been registered since he was imprisoned in May, 2015.

He argued that he still had valuable skills that he could use for the benefit of the community and there had never been allegations of misbehaviour with patients during his lengthy time practising.

The doctor said he and his family were suffering financially from his inability to practise.

Judge Allen said because of the nature and extent of his professional misconduct, giving the doctor the opportunity to re-register would be likely to diminish public confidence in the profession.

On February 19, the tribunal found the doctor's behaviour was professional misconduct and unprofessional conduct and he was disqualified from applying for registration as a health practitioner indefinitely.

Originally published as Doctor sexually abused underage daughter for seven years

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