Does your life add up in the things that really count?

NUMBERS can become a bit of a blur as you get older.

Finances, times, dates.

I ran into an old friend this week, and discovered we used to work for the same company, at different times.

When I told her it was about 12 years ago, she seemed a bit confused, as she said she started there about the same time.

But at home later that night I did the maths.

My son is 11.

I worked in another job for seven years before he was born.

Even I can work out 11 and seven doesn't quite equal 12.

So I guess I worked there over 18 years ago.

Where does all the time go?

I wonder if we don't appreciate the study of mathematics enough.

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It certainly wasn't my strongest subject at school, but as I watch sales assistants struggle to work out the change they need to give me, I know I didn't do too bad.

But maths is more than just working out your finances, or how many years have flown by.

It also relates to how we behave.

A former colleague, who happens to be a retired mathematics teacher, once told me males think linearly; preferring to do things step by step, one thing at a time. Us girls use non-linear thinking.

I wasn't sure how to take that, when I looked up the definition.

It described it as like letting the creative side run rampant with a lack of structure.

But it is basically brainstorming, allowing thought to flow unhindered.

So it is no surprise studies have found men tend to be better at learning and performing a single task, and women are better at juggling different tasks at once.

Research has also found women are normally better at communication while men more often prefer relying on themselves to get things done.

So how do females really think? We generally think we don't understand men and they don't understand us.

But maybe we have been applying the wrong mathematical equations to the problem.

One thing I know; there is no point blaming anyone else for getting life's answers wrong. Open a new page and start again.

The sum of our lives is in our own personal achievements.

That is what really counts.

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