While Turbo’s life was spared, the same may not be said for his companion Carby.
While Turbo’s life was spared, the same may not be said for his companion Carby. CHRIS ISON CI

Dog sits on death row for his mate

ANDREW Kele’s best mate is on death row and there’s not a doggone thing he can do about it.

Mr Kele said he was given no warning when he was notified of Rockhampton Regional Council’s ultimatum forcing him to surrender his beloved watchdog Carby to be destroyed.

According to local law a person must not keep more than two dogs on an allotment in the local government area. After the council determined he was keeping three dogs at his Coonan Street business, they issued him with an ultimatum: surrender one, or risk losing two.

Mr Kele has disputed this, saying watchdogs Carby and Turbo live at his business address, while the third dog lives at his private residence.

Mr Kele’s dogs were brought to the attention of council after Carby and Turbo were picked up on December 31 for the third time in 12 months.

Mr Kele, away on business, was notified the next day that his dogs had been impounded.

He said that after many fruitless attempts to contact the council and the pound for information, he became frustrated when he was not provided with details as to why.

“How can the Rockhampton Regional Council impound dogs and not inform owners exactly what they are being detained for?” Mr Kele asked.

He said he was eventually informed that in order for him to get Turbo back, he would have to surrender Carby to be put down.

Under Rockhampton Regional Council law, an animal may be destroyed without notice to the keeper if it has been seized and detained more than three times in 12 months.

According to the “impounded animal” notification Mr Kele received, Carby and Turbo had not been detained a fourth time in the past year.

Carby, a Rottweiler-cross, did not have a history of violence and had never been involved in an attack. However, Mr Kele was given no alternative when forced to surrender his beloved pet.

The council’s response follows revelations made by The Morning Bulletin last week that one of the dogs seized after a Rockhampton woman was mauled, was given a relocation order.

“I don’t think that the left hand knows what the right hand is doing,” Mr Kele said. “What is supposed to be happening and what is actually happening in the council are two entirely different things.”

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