Shelter manager sees girls come back as parents themselves

HISTORY repeats when it comes to domestic and family violence.

Beverly Schimke, manager of the Rockhampton Women's Shelter, said growing up with abuse could cause children to emulate the experience in their adult lives.

"I've worked at the shelter now for 10 years, and even in that time I am starting to see girls who came in with their mothers now coming back as parents themselves escaping abusive partners," she said.

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Ms Schimke said ideas of male behaviour could also be damaging to boys raised in abusive households.

The shelter reportedly has to be conscious of the potential for older sons to also abuse their mothers whilst escaping abusive households.

"Their father is their strongest role model because he's the same gender... they start to follow the same pattern and show the same behaviours their fathers exhibited.

"Once boys get to a certain size or a certain age, they pose a threat to the women who are escaping domestic violence."

Ms Schimke said that while the cycle was very difficult to break, the key was education whilst the children were still young enough to unlearn harmful behaviours.