READER'S VIEW: Don’t be brainwashed by carbon tax ‘bogeyman’

I ENJOY reading letters every day; sometimes I agree, sometimes I don't. However I was impressed by Bev Johnston's letter on December1.

She is correct. We do not care enough about our heritage and subsequent future, our children's future.

We had all the scaremongering about the carbon tax. We had our Prime Minister and all his ministers continually bleating the same refrain; we got rid of the carbon tax and we stopped the boats.

We heard it over and over again.

My power bill went up after the abolition of the tax, not down. So it was a big stitch up. A policy that worked was replaced with a policy that rewarded the polluters, and does not work.

The main point that all these climate deniers are missing, a very important point, is that carbon is a carcinogenic. To clarify that, it causes cancer.

So whatever China is doing to itself does not relay with whatever we Australians are doing to ourselves - or should do to ourselves.

Coming from a family that has six of its seven members afflicted by cancer, believe me, it matters.

That is why China is finally waking up to itself. There are children under five presenting with lung cancer in China.

Too late for many, and who really wants to have to wear a face mask to go out into the open air of your country, as they have to do in China. Certainly not me.

So please, fellow Australians, wake up to the difference in the Lib and Labor policy. Do not let yourselves be brainwashed by the carbon tax bogeyman.

At least it is not reds under the bed as we had from Mr Menzies. The Libs are very good at scaremongering.

Bee Deeley

North Rockhampton

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