"Don't feed wild dogs or deer" - council urges residents

ROCKHAMPTON Regional Council is reminding residents across the region not to feed declared pests such as wild dogs and feral deer.

Council's Health and Compliance Committee chair councillor Ellen Smith said it was illegal to feed Class 2 declared animals, and residents could be fined.

"We've had reports of residents feeding Class 2 declared animals including wild dogs and dingoes along Frenchville Road, and feral deer in the Lakes Creek area, which is an offence under the Land Protection (Pest and Stock Route Management) Act," Cr Smith said.

"All landowners must take reasonable steps to keep their land clear of these types of animals, which includes not feeding them or encouraging them to remain on the property.

"As you can imagine wild dogs, feral deer, cats, foxes and pigs can have detrimental impacts on the environment, our domestic pets, and could be very dangerous if approached, so we're strongly encouraging residents and property owners not to get close or leave food out for them.

"It's important residents, particularly in the newer subdivisions which are close to the national parks and wild dog habitats, along with builders and contractors in these areas are careful not to leave food lying around as this could attract wild dogs into the area as well.

"Anyone caught feeding the animals without a declared pest permit could receive a fine of up to $4554." 

Residents are being asked not to become complacent. If you see a wild dog or a dingo in a suburban area contact Rockhampton Regional Council's Customer Service Centre on 4932 9000.

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