Don’t forget what we are celebrating

EASTER can tend to be one of those funny times of year when we celebrate but kind of forget why we're celebrating.

We enjoy the time off, eat some Easter eggs and hot cross buns, maybe even go along to local events like the Laneway Festival or a church service.

But we can forget why we're actually celebrating - the resurrection of Jesus.

We could rightly ask the questions: why should we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, who cares and what does that have to do with life in the 21st century?

If I can offer two brief reflections.

Firstly, the resurrection of Jesus ought to shake us. The first followers of Jesus were terrified when they heard that Jesus had risen from the dead (Mark 16:8). Here is a man who died, raising back to new life. Something outstanding, even earth-shattering, happened on that day in Jerusalem.

Secondly, the resurrection of Jesus ought to bring hope to people.

The terrified women who saw angels sitting where Jesus' crucified body ought to have been laid, were told 'Don't be alarmed' (Mark 16:6).

Jesus had gone ahead of them, just as he'd said.

Ultimately he would go ahead of them all the way to heaven, to His Father's right hand. That meant there was hope for those women, for Jesus' disciples who had abandoned Him, for us.

A man has risen from the dead and that same man called people to follow Him that they might find a place in His Kingdom, share in eternal life and join Him raised to new life.

Why not spend some time this Easter re-considering the resurrection and how you can be assured of a place in heaven? Our Easter service will be held at 4pm at Fitzgerald State School Hall - come along and have a listen.

- Pastor Jai Wright, of the Mackay Evangelical Church (MAKE)

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