Doorknockers are beyond belief

AN unexpected knock on the door horrified Lyndon Hull, the uncle of electrocuted Rockhampton teen Rueben Barnes.

Within a couple of minutes of walking through the door of his Melbourne home on Tuesday after attending Rueben’s funeral on Monday, two workers were door-knocking the streets asking if residents wanted their homes insulated.

“It was beyond belief,” Mr Hull said yesterday.

Mr Hull said he asked the men if they were trained to install insulation, followed by the question, “Which one is the electrician?”

“They told me they were trained and their boss was the electrician,” he said.

Concerned for the pair, Mr Hull told them what had happened to his nephew.

“They were lost for words. I was just concerned for them after the pain we have been through.

“The bottom line is we can’t bring Rueben back but I don’t want it to happen to another family.”

Rueben was killed tragically while installing insulation at a Stanwell home, south of Rockhampton.

Mr Hull received the sudden news that his nephew had died only moments after the wake of his brother’s funeral in New Zealand.

He got on the first flight back to Australia the next morning.

Mr Hull his daughter and Rueben were the same age.

“It’s all still a bit raw for us at the moment. We just want answers as to why Rueben was put into the situation (that cost him his life).”

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