Lawyer Doug Winning vows to fight professional charges

THE shoe is on the other foot for prominent Rockhampton criminal lawyer Doug Winning as he fights professional charges against him that threaten the closure of his legal practice. And, the Rockhampton lawyer typically is not backing down as he vows to tackle the charges.

Legal Services Commissioner John Britton lodged an application to the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal in October 2013 claiming Mr Winning made a number of offensive and provocative comments about a consultant Crown Prosecutor in a Rockhampton trial in 2012.

The prosecutor in question was Daniel Boyle, the Crown representative in the case against accused murderer Gerard Baden-Clay. Mr Britton alleged in his statement of claim that during the course of the 2012 trial of The Crown against a former Rockhampton police officer on trial for sex offences, Mr Winning made a number of comments about Mr Boyle.

Some of the comments Commissioner Britton claimed Mr Winning made were: "I take exception to this unethical creature", "Yes. I regard my learned friend as a dishonest barrister", "I'm about to retire from the law anyway, so I'm not worried about what this fellow says. He's a light weight", and, "Is he either a fool, or can't he read the judgment".

Mr Winning yesterday countered the claims saying many of the allegations were not heard in court, nor were they picked up by other people and high-tech microphones used in courts.

He said Mr Boyle launched an attack on him during the trial, when he gave his final statement to the jury, saying Mr Winning "puts more spin on the prosecution evidence than Shane Warne".

The officer was acquitted after a short jury deliberation.

He said the "fascist" Newman Government, which Mr Winning claimed supported the tribunal application against him, was paying him back for criticising the new Queensland bikie laws.

Mr Britton declined to comment while the matter was before the court.

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