Driven to idle threats

SOMETIMES life can be like driving with the handbrake on.

You have got the pedal to the metal, thinking you are safely going forward, but in reality you are stuck in the same spot.

Take the kids' bedroom as an example.

You bravely enter; discover you cannot find the floor under a pile of toys, wet towels and the week's school uniforms, so you threaten to bring in the wheelie bin.

The kids frantically clean up, albeit prompted by a regular comment from me that "time is up, you obviously don't want what is still on the floor", and just like magic the floor appears.

Just like magic, if magic takes more than an hour and involves a lot of complaining.

Here is where the handbrake comes in.

You feel like you have finally gotten somewhere, yet you can return to their room less than an hour later and the room looks like a toy bomb exploded in it.

It is similar with different relationships.

One minute you think you are travelling along on your merry way then suddenly you find you hit a pot-hole, have made a wrong turn or are completely at a dead end.

The trick is to know how to get back on the right road.

So how do you make sure that the handbrake is not on when it comes to getting your kids to do things?

Or simply, how do you get your kids to focus on the job at hand?

I looked up advice on how to get kids to clean their room, but I didn't find much that would work for me.

One suggestion was to sing commands.

That won't work if the kids have run a mile at the sound of your tone-deaf voice.

Another suggestion was to stick on their bedroom wall a photograph of their room when it is clean, as inspiration.

If I did that, they would suggest I just look at the picture to see a clean room.

I might just have to start implementing my mother's technique - doing the job for them when they are not home, and filling the wheelie bin as I go.

The bonus is if there is nothing left to make a mess they won't need to clean up.

Maybe when they start to learn to drive a car I can pay them back for all their stresses.

See how far they can get with the handbrake on.


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