Drug addiction out of control

AT the age of 16 James Edward Abraham injected himself with speed for the first time.

It was a mistake he would live to regret, but he had already become hooked on cannabis a year earlier and decided to experiment further.

By the age of 37 Abraham's drug habit had spiralled so out of control he started a methamphetamine lab at a rural property outside of Gladstone to feed his addiction.

He appeared in the Rockhampton District Court on December 6 for producing dangerous drugs and other drug-related offences.

Abraham also faced a charge of obstructing police after trying to escape when they arrived at the rural property in February and giving police a false name and age.

He pleaded guilty to all of the charges.

The court heard at the time police arrived at the property Abraham was cooking drugs and he ran away as soon as he saw them.

But after lying about his age and name when police caught him, he admitted the truth when he reached the watchhouse.

Abraham also pleaded guilty to the burglary of a Park Avenue home in January, 2010, where he stole thousands of dollars worth of jewellery and DVDs.

Abraham's lawyer, Jordan Ahlstrand, said his client had been diagnosed with ADHD at 12 and had only had a grade 9 high school education.

He said Abraham had been addicted to heroin for 10 years and had seen other drug addicts die.

The court heard Abraham had also found one of his partners dead after she committed suicide.

But Mr Ahlstrand said the father of at least two children had turned his life around since being jailed, completing numerous courses, working in the prison metal shop and as the prison librarian.

Mr Ahlstrand said Abraham read four or five books a week.

He said Abraham was deeply remorseful and regretted the poor example he had set for his children.

Abraham said he hoped to establish a business as a handyman when he was released from jail.

Judge Grant Britton said he accepted there was no commercial element to Abraham's drug lab.

He sentenced Abraham to three years imprisonment, with a parole eligibility date of January 15, 2012, because of time already served.

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