Methamphetamine kaarsten

Drug addict's substantial price for using illicit substances

HE WAS caught sleeping in the driver's seat with his vehicle facing north on the side of a southbound lane of the Bruce Hwy.

He was high on drugs and drunk.

Robert Arthur Salt, 36, pleaded guilty to nine charges in the Rockhampton Magistrates Court on January 9 in relation to two incidents from 2016.

The court heard that 10 days after the driving matter and three days after police conducted a search of his Lammermoor residence, Salt had been subjected to an assault, causing significant brain injuries.

Police prosecutor Jess King said police were called by members of the public on November 13, 2016, about a vehicle parked on the side of the road of the Bruce Hwy.

The vehicle was facing north, along a southbound only section of the highway, next to concrete bollards.

The car was 2.5kms from the Yeppen roundabout.

Police attended at 6.20am and found Salt asleep in the driver's seat.

Ms King said due to Salt's blood shot eyes, profuse sweating, confusion and behaviour, he was subjected to a blood test for alcohol content which returned a 0.05 reading.

He was also drug tested which showed he had methamphetamines and MDMA in his system.

Salt also struggled with police and went to grab one officer's gun as they transported him to the police vehicle.

He struggled with police again when they went to transport him from the Rockhampton police station to the hospital for the blood tests.

The court heard police conducted a search of his Lammermoor residence on November 20 and found 9.4 grams of cannabis, 0.2 grams of amphetamines, several used syringes that were not properly disposed of, a $50 note inside a bottle that also contained cannabis, a Guest brand watch, five rings - some with precious stones - and a pipe and cone piece.

Defence lawyer Jack Blackburn said three days after the search, the qualified boiler maker was the victim of a grievous bodily harm assault which he is unable to remember due to his injuries which have left him with impaired memory, vision issues and other medical issues.

He said he was now no longer able to work and it was unlikely he would ever be able to drive again.

Mr Blackburn said Salt was now in the full-time care of his parents living at Port Macquarie and undergoing rehabilitation for the brain injuries.

"At the time of the offending, he had an addiction to amphetamines,” he said.

Mr Blackburn said Salt has not used illegal drugs since and has been told by doctors if he did, he would die.

Salt's father outside the court said his son had lost everything - his job, his wife and his children - because of the drug use and assault.

"You certainly have paid the price of being involved in illegal drugs,” Magistrate Cameron Press said.

He ordered Salt to an 18-month probation order, disqualified him from driving for 12-months and ordered him to pay a $1000 fine.

Convictions were recorded.

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