Drug user hit brother’s TV because it woke him up

A drug user hit his brother’s television because it woke him up, twice.

The drug user, who cannot be named for legal reasons, pleaded guilty on May 12 in Rockhampton Magistrates Court to one count of breaching a domestic violence order and one count of possessing drug utensils.

Police prosecutor Zoe Melksham said the 22-year-old was intercepted driving after failing to stop at a stop sign on Russell St, Gracemere, on May 11, and was found in possession of a glass pipe, straw and clip-seal bags.

The month before, the young man was sleeping at a residence at Gracemere when his brother turned on a television about 2pm.

Ms Melksham said 20 minutes later, the defendant got up and abused his brother for making noise.

She said the defendant left, but returned 30 minutes later, yelled at the victim and then ran at him.

Ms Melksham said the defendant then punched the brother’s television with an open palm, with police getting the palm print off the television during the investigation.

Defence lawyer Rowan King said his client had spent time in prison after being sentenced for a deprivation of liberty conviction and this domestic violence breach was his third against his brother.

He said his client, who lives with his father and three brothers, had been diagnosed with ADHD, borderline personality disorder and depression.

Mr King said the defendant had two children of his own that he had no contact with.

The defendant was ordered to four months’ prison, wholly suspended and operational for 20 months, along with being fined $400. Convictions were recorded.

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