Drugged and trying to drum up business

A YOUNG Sunshine Coast drug dealer's unsuccessful attempts to build up his client base grew more desperate as his own addiction spiralled out of control.

Shannon Danny Gardiner will spend Christmas behind bars after pleading guilty to selling a range of drugs to six people from March, 2013 to September, 2014.

The 23-year-old was sentenced to four years in jail with a parole date of December 14, 2016.

A conviction was recorded.

The court heard the accused made 100 offers to supply MDMA, methamphetamine and marijuana to 32 people over 18 months.

Six users took him up on the offers, with the money he made on eight deals being spent on his own drug addiction.

Justice Debra Mullins told Gardiner it was clear the push to build his client base escalated.

"It is apparent that you were using drugs yourself and you had sources for supply and you decided over the 18-month period ... to see if you could solicit people to buy drugs from you," Justice Mullins said.

"First you were sending (by text message) requests for interests in buying drugs on a monthly or weekly basis.

"But from April, 2014 your frequency of requests accelerated until you were soliciting customers on a daily basis."

Justice Mullins described Gardiner's trafficking as at the lower end of the scale but she said she still needed to send a strong message to others.

The court heard Gardiner's involvement in the Queensland Magistrates Early Referral into Treatment program meant he was now free of drugs.

The court also heard he had strong ties to the Sunshine Coast where he was guaranteed a job in the family business on release from prison.


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