Drunk Holden motorist drove across Rocky on three wheels

A DRUNK driver hit a gutter so hard, one of the tyres of his Commodore came off completely along with the brakes, and he then drove almost five kilometres in front of Sunday morning diners in East St.

Christopher William Towle, 26, was disqualified from driving for 12 months after the reckless driving incident from Kent St in Depot Hill, down Wood St, along East St, up Fitzroy St and finishing in Smith St at The Range on December 9 last year.

Towle pleaded guilty in Rockhampton Magistrates Court yesterday to one count of dangerous operation of a motor vehicle while adversely affected by alcohol to which he also received a nine-month prison term on top of the disqualified period.

The prison term was wholly suspended with a two-year operational period.

Police prosecutor Clancy Fox said Towle had a disagreement with a resident in Kent St at 5.50am, hopped in his Holden Commodore and accelerated quickly down into Wood St without slowing down to turn the corner and disobeyed a give-way sign.

"There was no other traffic at the time," he said.

Mr Fox said Towle did a U-turn, "causing his tyres to lose traction and making a screeching noise", and went back to the Kent St address, "crossed to the incorrect side of the road, mounted a concrete gutter on the corner of Kent and Wood St".

"(This) caused the front left wheel including the suspension, brake caliper and brake discs to break free of the vehicle completely," he said.

Mr Fox said Towle accelerated and left skid marks on the footpath before driving off on three wheels down Kent St, then Wood St.

He said Coffee Society diners noticed Towle driving the Commodore down East St a short time later and reported it to police.

Mr Fox said Towle ran many red lights during this trip before he arrived at a Smith St address and told a person there that the police "were probably after me".

He said police did arrive and found Towle had a blood alcohol content reading of .108 and his licence was suspended immediately.

Defence lawyer Grant Cagney said Towle had been drinking with friends when a situation arose and he felt he had to leave.

He said he turned around to go back to pick up a friend before hitting the gutter.

Towle was on a suspended sentence at the time for unrelated offending.

Magistrate Cameron Press said Towle put himself and others at "inappreciable risk of injury".

"You drove recklessly in East St," he said.

"You drove on three wheels.

"How you avoided injuring someone, I don't know how.

"It is appalling driving.

"It is appalling behaviour."

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