Dusan Cech still hopeful of the bid.
Dusan Cech still hopeful of the bid. Sharyn O'Neill

Dusan mindful new council's first years is about fixing

WITH a vision to develop an ethos of promoting, valuing and protecting our natural assets, Dusan Cech is running for the position of councillor for Livingstone.

Mr Cech said he was mindful this was a time to consolidate and repair broken finances and physical infrastructure and services - and he wants to be part of it.

"I am a family man, known to many for the last 20 years as one who has always spoken up on behalf of ratepayers, without fear or favour, through the Capricorn Coast Ratepayers and Residents Association," Mr Cech said.

"I listen, research and weigh the facts carefully, always respecting another's point of view.

"Experienced in industry and successful in running my own business and property management, I am not interested in petty politics but concentrate on practical solutions and the big picture.

"With the community's vote, and the goodwill of the mayor and other councillors, I hope to re-unite and improve consultation, control finances focusing on debt and rate value and fairness, fix existing infrastructure before starting new projects and ensure service delivery to all areas.

Mr Cech said he was not part of any like-minded team but shared the common aspiration of promoting and protecting the natural beauty of the Capricorn area and the lifestyle which depended on it.

"I trust the community to choose the best mayor to lead us for the next two crucial years," he said.

"This will be the time to get our house in order, repay debt and set policies for an affordable and sustainable future."

Some of the projects Mr Cech would like to see given priority are maintenance and repair of the rural road system with regular grading undertaken and a mobile library made operational to service areas outside the coastal strip.

He would also like to see sensible beachfront restoration and ratings workshop held with the participation of councillors and the public.

Mr Cech said he would like to be part of re-uniting the community and improving consultation.