Dusty road a danger to travel

AS George Budge deals with thick dust coating the contents of his house, his biggest concern lies with the condition of Woodvale Park Road in Woodbury that causes the problem.

George said the dirt road he lives on is dangerous, with corrugations, a dangerous slope on a blind corner and loose dirt, as well as the thick dust.

“I've been putting up with that for 13 years,” George said.

“We've been paying rates for nothing - damn nothing.”

George said with a bus running twice a day, plus other daily traffic, it was no longer an accident waiting to happen - it had already happened.

George said twice recently cars had crashed on the corner outside his home, caused, he believes, by loose dirt on a curve.

He is worried the next accident will involve more than one vehicle.

“With all the dust you can't see other traffic - it is definitely a danger.”

He said when he first moved to his property 13 years ago, all the other roads in the area were dirt, but over the years they had been bituminised - except for his.

“We have been left out all right.”

And it is not just George who has complaints.

A group of residents, including George, held several meetings with the then Livingstone Shire Council in 2003, asking that the roads be sealed and were told it was scheduled for surface sealing in 2008.

With that year now in the past, and nothing done, the residents approached the council this year with their request for minimum-standard rural sealing.

They also supplied a petition with 20 signatures from residents.

“I feel as if we are out of sight, out of mind, and I reckon it is about time they started doing something about it,” George said.

A council spokesperson has advised that the council has no plan to seal Woodvale Park Road in the foreseeable future.

“Traffic counts were taken on Woodvale Park Road and were well below the threshold to consider upgrading to a sealed standard,” the spokesperson said.

“Residents disputed the accuracy of the traffic count as it was taken during school holidays, so we have agreed to conduct the count again when the counters are available.”

The spokesperson said the road was recently inspected and current condition was well below the threshold to trigger scheduling for maintenance grading.

“Road condition will be monitored in accordance with the inspection programs and maintained accordingly.”

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