DV offender threatens to kill and eat partner and child

A man who sent sickening messages to his partner's friend, telling them he will "kill them all", "I will turn them all inside out. Ha ha ha ha" and "I'll know what they taste like before sunrise" spent one day in custody before being released.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Kevin Ongheen said the comments were very disturbing in the current climate.

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"These first threats are absolutely disturbing," he said.

"He is contemplating eating people, killing them, turning them inside out."

Magistrate Jason Schubert said the defendant, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was on probation at the time.

"You made some horrific, cruel and vicious threats to kill, to turn other people inside out and some revolting threat to eat them," he said.

"In a cowardly manner, you take to blaming the victim for turning you into the person you are."

The defendant pleaded guilty on April 21 in Rockhampton Magistrates Court to two counts of breaching a domestic violence order.

Sergeant Ongheen said the victim, who lived in Emerald, received a call on April 17 from a friend, telling her to pack her bags and get out of her residence as soon as possible as the defendant had threatened to kill her and was two hours away from Emerald.

He said the victim then received screenshots of messages the defendant had sent the friend which read:

"I'm not good. LOL.

"I'm exactly who (she) made me.

"I'm two hours from home.

"You want me to do something.

"Call her and tell her the man she made is coming back. I'm going back tonight. I'll kill them all.

"Tell (her) she's scum and tell her son the reason he doesn't have a father is because she is a f---ing whore.

"They tried to kill me.

"All I did was try to help.

"I will turn them all inside out. Ha ha ha ha.

"Every f---ing scum.

"Everything they took from me is coming back. Ha ha ha ha.

"I'll know what they taste like before sunrise.

"They will know what a man's pushed the edge looks like."

Sergeant Ongheen said that between 6.35pm, April 18, and 9.07am, April 20, the defendant sent the victim messages containing apologies, saying he needed her to look after him and he loved her.

The defendant was located on Gladstone Road, Rockhampton, on April 20.

"This man needs help," Sergeant Ongheen said.

He said this offending, and the defendant's criminal record, showed the defendant was not deterred by fines or probation and a prison term was in range.

Defence lawyer Lachlan Robertson said his client had a three-year-old child and was no longer in a relationship with the victim of these offences.

He said he was currently unemployed but had worked as a warehouse manager.

Mr Schubert said the defendant's criminal record included convictions for impersonating a dead or fictitious person.

He told the defendant to take responsibility for his own actions.

Mr Schubert ordered the defendant to 15 months probation and a four-month prison term, wholly suspended and operational for 15 months.

He declared one day presentence custody as time served.


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