FAMILY LOVE: Dodger and his family are making the most of his last days.
FAMILY LOVE: Dodger and his family are making the most of his last days. Contributed

Dying dog's bucket list sparks help for animals in need

FOR most people, one of the best friends they have in life is of the four-legged variety.

For Dodger the dog's family, the idea of saying goodbye to their beloved furry family member is heartbreaking.

The nine-year-old Rottweiler cross Golden Retriever has been diagnosed with Osteosarcoma; bone cancer in his back legs.

Although the end may be near for Dodger, his family is determined to give him the best send-off possible, with a bucket list to trump all bucket lists.

With the help of his human parents, Nikki and Shane Sutton, and his two-legged sisters, Shiloe Rae and Lokki, he has experienced many new firsts.

Dodger has tried beer and ice-cream for the first time, had a fully body massage, and enjoyed the biggest bone his family could find.

He has gone on a family camping trip and been given permission to destroy as many soft toys as he could.

There are still a number of things left on Dodger's list.

But one of the most important items to check off relates back to where Dodger's journey all began.

Dodger was a rescue puppy at CQ Pet Rescue when he was found by his new family.

They loved him, cared for him, and taught him to be the best pup he could be.

His most important last wish includes helping other dogs at CQ Pet Rescue find their own families and be treated just as well as he had throughout his happy life.

Money donations and items such as canned food for CQ Pet Rescue's current and future animals are asked to be donated to various drop-off points around Central Queensland.

A heart-warming message from Dodger has been posted on CQ Pet Rescue Inc.'s Facebook page.

"I love playing around in the water and going for walks with my [family],” the post reads.

"My most favourite thing is having play fights with dad - he just gets me.

"By gosh, what a life I've led. Whilst I don't like a bath, I do like ripping around the yard afterwards.

"My mum says I have a huge bark, but really all I want are cuddles and belly rubs.

"I know they will cry when I go, but I want them to know they were the most perfect [parents] and family any dog could ask for.

"One other thing I think I am sure to miss is cuddling with my mum. She just knows exactly how to give that beautiful love that only a mother can.

"If I had been asked to choose a family, I'd choose this one a million times over.

"I want to make a difference before I go, so help me tick off this bucket list item in a huge way.”

Make a donation at:

  • Blackwater Woolworths or Moore Eyes Optometrists.
  • Peak Down's Mechanical in Capella.
  • Big W, Woolworths North and Woolworths Central Highlands Marketplace in Emerald.

Financial donations to:

CQ Pet Rescue Inc.

BSB - 034181

ACC- 271496

Reference - DODGER

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