BMA shows no remorse over Dysart water, Pearce says

FIELD testing is underway on 250 water samples taken from 80 of Dysart's streets in a bid to find a long-term solution to the town's ongoing water quality problems.

Specialist consultants Enviro-Check will compare samples from household external taps with test results from samples taken at the treatment plant.

But locals have lost patience with the discoloured and foul-smelling water and want answers from BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance (BMA).

Community advocate Jim Pearce has called on BMA's head of external affairs Vincent Cosgrove to "move on" over allegations of the company's mismanagement of the issue.

Dysart's water is provided through a pipe network owned by local mines and Mr Pearce said it was their responsibility to deliver quality treatable water to the water treatment plant.

"BMA's very public reluctance to get involved... is an insult to employees, families and the community," he said.

"BMA management has shown zero accountability and no remorse for us."

The Morning Bulletin asked the mining company a series of detailed questions regarding the status of the pipeline, budget allocations for upgrades, water quality data, access of water treatment plant staff to Calvert Dam and the Turkey Nest, and why a pontoon fitted with aeration capability had not been installed.

BMA refused to answer the questions.

A spokesman, who they also refused to name said: "BMA has been working closely with the Isaac Regional Council since November last year to help resolve water quality issues in Dysart and our support is ongoing."

More than 640 residents signed a petition calling for an explanation and a solution after a major failure of the plant in December proved to be the final straw.

Isaac region mayor Anne Baker said she shared residents' frustrations and had ordered an independent review of the council's water infrastructure.

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