Egging is not ok
Egging is not ok

Egging is not ok

Egg Boy's (AKA Will Connolly) heart may have been in the right place, and one would think that many of Australia's politicians are used to having egg on their face, metaphorically speaking, however, I do not think it is right to glorify such a recalcitrant act.

As the old adage goes, "two wrongs don't make a right," and any act of violence (no matter how minor) is never okay. It is especially preposterous to see people eulogising Will Connolly 48 hours after 50 people were slaughtered while in prayerful repose.

The egging was an act of violence. Mild and humorous, because of the victim, but violence nonetheless. It provoked several extreme acts of violence in return. Where to next? Attacking politicians we disagree with with weapons?

I am also worried that we leave ourselves no where to go in such an instance when a right wing protester eggs a left wing politician.

Prior to the egging incident, many voters obviously didn't know Senator Anning's name (with only 19 voting for him), but now he could be portrayed as a victim (despite his violent reaction) and it emboldens his supporters.

Will Connolly should have taken Anning down with wit and intelligent discourse and debate. Sadly, it appears Will Connolly didn't have the mental capacity, followers, power, a public voice or even a vote. He just had an egg. (I'm just surprised Egg Boy hasn't received any backlash from vegans.)

The whole egging incident seemed staged and orchestrated. A cameraman was positioned behind Will Connolly, who also held up his phone to film the egging as it happened. It seemed he performed the act for notoriety as opposed to making any real political stance. Will Connolly's interview post-egging simply showcased him as being crass and half-witted.

Will Connolly reminds me very much of yellow sunglasses, party boy, Corey Worthington. He will no doubt receive his five minutes of fame, maybe an appearance on a reality television show, and a few choice memes created in his honour. Then, he will fade into obscurity.

And, after the next election, we will all forget about Anning. The Australian people will egg him democratically at the ballot box.

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