READERS DISCUSS: Halloween tricksters egging uproar

A GROSS act of stupidity on Halloween night on Friday sparked huge uproar on the Morning Bulletin's Facebook page.

The Morning Bulletin reported a car load of hooligans threw an egg at a two-year-old child while he was out trick or treating.

Here is what our Facebook followers said:

Mitch Crane: What are people doing out trick or treating anyway? Firstly we're not America. Secondly how safe is it? It's a tradition that actively encourages kids to knock on strangers' doors. We've had fairly young kids knocking on our door unsupervised.

Lauron Slatter: No matter if you believe in Halloween or not, leave the kids alone, especially a two-year-old to have fun 'trick or treating'. Hope the little one is okay.

Joanna Palmer: I don't get it. Why is it people get away with throwing eggs at houses "cos it's Halloween". But I can't throw eggs at them? I had my house egged tonight in the Lammermoor area. Not impressed.

Tanya Johnson: Halloween is a bit of fun for the kids and adults alike. As long as the children are well supervised, I can't see the harm in it. Who cares where the tradition came from. We are a multicultural society anyway, so why not embrace something that spreads a bit of joy around? Besides, it doesn't matter why the child was out, the child deserves not to be made some idiots target practice ... whatever day of the year that it is.

Chloe Jasperson: As the child was properly supervised it doesn't matter how old they were it is the people who threw the egg that are fault. There will always be stupid people out there that try to ruin it for everyone.

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