Emoji Movie is far from Meh for Chelsea

HOLIDAY FUN: Gene is an emoji that lives in Textopolis, a digital city inside the phone of his user Alex, in The Emoji Movie.
HOLIDAY FUN: Gene is an emoji that lives in Textopolis, a digital city inside the phone of his user Alex, in The Emoji Movie. Columbia Pictures

CHELSEA Flick age 7, reviews The Emoji Movie:

Who was your favourite character and why? - Jailbreak, because she is two characters. She dressed as a hacker but she is actually a princess emoji. She helped Hi-5 and Gene save Alex's phone.

What was the best part of the movie - The ending when Jailbreak, Hi-5 and Gene saved all of the emojis by making a cool emoji and Alex asked Addie to the dance.

What was the funniest part? - When Smiler got squashed by the bot. Smiler was a baddie even though she smiled all the time. She tried to delete Meh because he made the wrong face and she called him a malfunction. So, it was great when she was squashed.

Chelsea Flick, age 7 was excited to review The Emoji Movie.
Chelsea Flick, age 7 was excited to review The Emoji Movie.

Who was the funniest character? - Hi-5 was the funniest character. I liked the part when he playing Candy Crush with Gene and Jailbreak. He licked Gene to check if he was candy. It was also funny when Poop and Poop Jr came out of the toilet and didn't wash their hands.

Were there any sad or scary parts in the movie? - It was sad when Gene turned back into a Meh. I liked it when he was the special emoji that could change faces. His special power helped Alex to meet Addie. I was worried when the bots caught Hi-5 and put him in the trash but Jailbreak and Gene saved him.

Were there any other characters you enjoyed? - I liked the Flamenco Dancer, Hi-5, Kitty, and the Monkey emojis.

Were there any other parts you liked? - I thought it was cool that the whole movie was set in a phone. And really liked the part when Gene's parents went to Paris and fell in love again.

Both my brother Jacob and I really liked this movie and I gave it 4.5 popcorns out of 5.

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