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Robbery victim sues employer

ROCKHAMPTON'S Glenn Robert Herley is suing his former employer for more than $850,000 after a bandit slashed him across the throat, chest and arm in a frightening workplace attack.

Mr Herley, 49, claims management at the Laminex Group were negligent and failed to take care of his safety.

A claim, lodged with the Supreme Court at Rockhampton, says Mr Herley was alone in a donga at the company's Hollingsworth St, Rockhampton, premises, when he was attacked by an intruder on August 10, 2009.

In detailing the attack the claim says the intruder grabbed Mr Herley's right elbow from behind and wrenched his arm upwards.

After Mr Herley fell the attacker put his foot on the side of his face, then held a knife to his throat and demanded money.

"The assailant slashed the plaintiff with the knife on his neck, his chest and right arm," the claim says.

It said when Mr Herley started work with the company he was allocated a relocatable office, known as "the donga", which was situated in the car park of the premises.

Mr Herley alleges most of the staff worked in the main office and showroom and he was told by his supervisor he would have an office in this area once renovation work was completed.

The claim says no renovation work was done.

"The plaintiff shared the donga with one other worker, but was usually alone," it says.

"It was the practice for the plaintiff and the other worker who used the donga to leave the door open when inside for reasons of heat and ventilation."

Mr Herley's legal representative, Gino Andrieri of Maurice Blackburn Lawyers, said after the assault the company replaced the solid door on the donga with a lockable, mesh security-screen door.

Damage entitlements are sought of $85,000 for pain and loss of amenities of life, nearly $160,000 for lost income and more than $475,000 for future lost income capacity.

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