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Emu Park supermarket going ahead

A HOLE in the ground in the Emu Park CBD will soon become Emu Park’s first full-sized supermarket.

General manager of Seaspray Residential Resort and Spa Justin Loomans said despite a number of concerns from the public that the Emu Park Village Centre project had been stopped, it was all ready to go.

“It is going ahead – definitely,” Justin said.

While there had been a hold-up with internal planning as IGA finalised their layout, he said the project should well and truly be under way by Christmas.

Justin said once completed, the centre would have a large supermarket and six retail shops.

He said the 2000 sq m IGA supermarket would be similar to the one in Glenmore, Rockhampton.

Once construction starts, an estimated eight-month build would see the centre complete.

“It will be an opportunity for people to shop in our own village.

“We deserve to be able to have the services here.”

And those extra services will also bring employment to the region.

“We are investing right here and creating something special.”

Seaspray has recently lodged an application for a material change of use for another shopping complex in the region.

The proposed development on Svendsen Road in Zilzie, to comprise a small supermarket, specialty shops, restaurant and office, form part of Seaspray’s forward thinking and planning for future growth.

Given the go ahead, the development would not start until around 2014, but Justin said it was an example of how they planned to be here for the long term and were looking at the future.

“It reinforces our commitment to growth in the community.”

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