SOAP BOX: Find a little bit of positive in each day

"ENJOY your day my friend. May you find a rainbow or unicorn or four-leaf clover."

With her foot flat to the floor in a new job in the city, it was nice of my friend to take time to drop a few chatty lines in my inbox and try to set me up for a good day at work.

With high hopes, I launched into the usual routine.

Phone calls out. Messages left. Delete emails. More phone calls.

One interview in the bag - one story guaranteed.

But then a story fell over when a potential subject was too busy to talk. Another hit a standstill so I headed out to fulfil my vox pop quota.

How long do you think it takes to find eight people to each answer a simple question and agree to having a head-and-shoulders photo taken? About two hours..

Back at the office, I was still a story short so I began hunting for a replacement. At 5pm, I got an interview. It was after 7pm by the time I got home, with two unwritten stories still to hanging over my head and an assortment of other unappealing jobs waiting for me, like sweeping the floor, mopping up the slop in the bathroom, and mending the mighty great hole that had mysteriously appeared in my son's shorts.

I pondered the non-appearance of rainbows, unicorns and four-leafed clover, and how many more days I could keep up this existence.

I turned my computer on and hit the inbox again. Amid the junk were a couple of emails with promised photographs.

I scrolled down to the third photograph, a kitesurfer skidding across blue water and there it was: a rainbow in the sky behind him.

Lesson learned. I hope.

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