Enjoying the memories of a wedding day Supermum style

There is one crazy thing about a wedding; there is an awful lot packed into only one day.

As a bride you are up early getting hair and make-up, then it's time to get dressed, get photographs taken and then waltz your way down the aisle.

And that is only the start.

There is still the ceremony, more photographs and the reception to get through.

My own wedding to my Superman just over a month ago was a bit of a blur.

I remember a few nerves, I remember a few tears, and I remember feeling so happy.

But I don't remember getting the chance to sit down and fully enjoy the day.

Even the small intimate style wedding we had, I still found I didn't have enough time to spend quality time with everyone who attended.

That is why wedding photographs and video are so special.

Getting my first glimpse of the professional photographs taken on our special day have taken me right back to the event.

And now I have the time to fully enjoy it.

Even better are the images from parts of the wedding I didn't get to see on the day.

Things like the groom and the kids getting ready, the guests enjoying the festivities, and even the look of joy I have on my own face as I say I do.

As a wedding photographer in the past, there is one thing I tried to stress to my stressed out brides on their special day.

Don't worry about things.

Don't worry if everything isn't what you planned.

Don't worry if the flowers aren't exactly what you wanted or have started to wilt.

Don't worry if the balloons have slightly deflated or the bows weren't put on the aisles as you had planned.

Don't worry if the weather is not what you had hoped it would be.

Why, you may ask, when you have spent months (for some even years) in planning the big day.

The answer is simple, and as clear as the things you reflect on while looking back at your photos.

It is not what you surround yourself with, it is who.

Most importantly, it is the person waiting for you at the end of the aisle.

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