Sunshine Coast beauty bound for Europe as pageant hopeful

PAGEANT QUEEN: Erin Stanfield, 26, will head to Europe as a finalist in the Face Of The Globe.
PAGEANT QUEEN: Erin Stanfield, 26, will head to Europe as a finalist in the Face Of The Globe. Heidi Hannele

WHEN Erin Stanfield was younger she dreamed of being a princess.

Now the 26-year-old Marcoola resident wears a crown on a regular basis but for a slightly different purpose - she's a pageant finalist.

Ms Stanfield was recently crowned Face Of The Globe Australia and will head to Paris and London to compete in the international final in three weeks' time.

She said competition would be tough as she was up against 43 other girls from around the world but Ms Stanfield was hoping she had done enough to secure the title.

"Face Of The Globe is a little bit different than your normal run of the mill pageant," Ms Stanfield said.

"You're judged on your journey and what you've done in the lead up and how you're a role model for women rather than what you look like.

"I have spent the last six months tirelessly fundraising, volunteering, participating in charity work, making appearances at local attractions and doing good deeds around the Sunshine Coast community. I've been eat sleeping and breathing this."

Ms Stanfield said when she got on stage over in Paris for the crowning all the hard work would have already been done.

"The part where I'm on stage is just a celebration. It's about how you walk, how you talk and how you hold yourself beforehand and in the interview"

She said being on stage wasn't the thing she was most anxious about.

"I'm a bit nervous about getting the dresses over there because I've got three or four big ball gowns.

"Once I get there and that's ok I'll be relaxed because I've got a big holiday planned for after."

Ms Stanfield's holiday could end up being extended if she won the title.

"The winner of the international pageant takes the title and then spends the next 12 months travelling around the world to the national finals of each division and supports the girls to really help them make a difference."

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