GREEN SPACE: An artist’s impression of the lake.
GREEN SPACE: An artist’s impression of the lake. Contributed

Estate growing tree at a time

The huge pines being planted last week.

IT WAS a traffic-stopper when trees between 6-10m tall were planted into the ground as part of The Pines development just outside of Yeppoon last week.

Construction is under way as thousands of trees and plants, including several 9m-tall giants, were transplanted in the multi-million-dollar Main Park in stage one of the Homecorp Property Group's master-planned community.

Landscape engineer Russell Schirmer said this was the largest job he and his team had ever taken on.

"We are planting over 400 trees between six and 10m high, plus over 8000 shrubs and around 65,000sq m of turf, so it's a huge project," said Mr Schirmer.

In keeping with its name, The Pines entrance and main boulevard will feature several giant Hawaiian pines and royal Cuban palms that Mr Schirmer confirmed were valued at between $5000 to $10,000 each.

Homecorp Property Group CEO Ron Bakir described The Pines as a landmark development for the Capricorn Coast.

"We want to redefine the word quality and raise the standard to a whole new level," Mr Bakir said. "We really want to blow people's minds when they come here.

"The main park and entry is more than 65,000sq m and includes a huge man-made lake with terraced seating and a jetty to feed ducks and fish from. It will also feature undercover barbecue areas, children's playground equipment for all ages and even a football and soccer field."

Mr Bakir said if potential buyers wanted to get a position close to the main park, they needed to move quickly and buy land.

"Stages one and two will have the closest access to the park and with stage one having 41 lots sold out of 48 already, those interested in being close to the park should get in over Christmas," he said.

The park will also feature free wireless internet hotspots, provided through smart communities' provider, Opticomm.

"The Pines is being wired as a smart community with fibre optic to the door which allows plug and play access to Australia's fastest available broadband internet and Foxtel," Mr Bakir said.

The estate's master plan boasts 20ha of lakes and parkland, with four major parks, linked by biking and fitness trails.

To promote a healthy lifestyle the trails will be dotted by several fitness stations featuring outdoor gym equipment installations.

The Pines' urban design includes several precincts, each with their own unique style and even a commercial area where a convenience shopping centre and childcare centre are planned.

The Pines stage one is due for registration in mid January 2015, with construction of homes in stage one starting immediately afterwards and the first residents set to move in about May.

It's expected The Pines will create more than 500 job opportunities.

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