GREAT CATCH: Steve batey caught this top red offshore from Yeppoon.
GREAT CATCH: Steve batey caught this top red offshore from Yeppoon.

Estuary Grunter are on in the creeks and in the Causeway

THE forecasts don't appear to be the best at present although they changed plenty this week. At this stage the wind will be hovering around 10-15knots NNW.

It might make fishing a bit tough but under the wind shadow could be reasonable.

Some of the close in mackerel spots may turn on better than the wider areas if the westerly stays around.

Estuary grunter have also had a small run. Rubble or cockle beds are the best starting spots in the local creeks.

The river may be still recovering but the creeks heading north have come on well. Coorooman Creek is one place you can get quality grunter pretty much most of the time at present although the better captures are like the offshore fish around the moon.

The Causeway Lake and the Corio/Waterpark systems are quite good for grunter, usually in the same periods as Coorooman at the same kind of locations.

The most popular grunter baits are prawns, although fresh fillet strips and greenback herrings work well.

Fingermark were around this week for the guys that fished the right areas. Fingermark rank with or better than many of the target species for the majority of CQ resident fishers.

They tend to be one of the fish that most people don't stray into capturing because of their general hangouts.

They love the rockbars and headlands with a bit of current and of course plenty to eat. Trolling Richoes works real well particularly in the deeper spots.

You need a lure that will hit the bottom occasionally without constant dragging. We also use mans +20 in pilchard colour.

Green back herring, yorkies, prawns and poddy mullet are the pick baits and the closer to a structure the better your chances. Just like jacks they will go very hard very quick trying to get back into the cover.

I use mainly 30lb braid with a 30lb leader and that is just not big enough sometimes if the concentration lapses.

The Mouth of the Fitzroy, Mackenzie and Connors down through The Narrows is great country and any rocky ground between there and up into Shoalwater is worth a crack. Rising tide is best for trolling but in the creeks low tide is good because they congregate in the deeper holes.

Places like Coorooman Creek have fingermark in the deeper holes and rubble patches. Virtually anywhere you get grunter you can catch fingermark from the creeks to the offshore pinnacles and wrecks.

Whiting and dart have continued up the beaches north of Yeppoon with some nice patches of fish near Corio. Beachworms and yabbies are the best whiting baits particularly fresh and live.

Try to work with the tides by catching worms or yabbies at the bottom of the tide and using them in the same areas on the incoming.

Places like the mouth of Burwell's Creek and the gutters along Farnborough Beach are worth a shot and greenback herrings work well.

Finally, I was talking to Chappy at The Secret Spot this week.

He told me he rang to order a box of the new fisheries rules and regs because all tackle shops are supposed to be handing them out.

They want the tackle shops to pay the freight of $35 per carton to get them.

They can't be obtained locally.

He would like to hand them out to help enforce their new rules. It is ridiculous that they penalise the distributor of their material.

Thanks again to Kalka Bait and Tackle, Bluefin Sports, Rosslyn Bay Kiosk, Stanage Bay Marine, The Secret Spot, the local weigh points where you can get your photo taken or just drop yours in.

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