Brisbane Arrest Court Magistrates Court: Who is appearing

Here is a list of everyone appearing in Magistrates Court today:

Today's court listings are published as part of News Corporation's commitment to public interest journalism and are compiled from information made publicly available by the courts in each State and territory.

The list is a public record of people appearing before the relevant court and there is no suggestion whatsoever of any wrongdoing by anyone named in these lists.

Damian John Moses

Michael Peter Rose

Jacob Thomas Ryan Barlow

Babak Najariyan

Daniel Alan Staton

Aidan Lee Wendijk

Jesse Paul Batterham

Benny Repu

Tayla Caitlin Cooper

Farah Ahmed Mohamed

Esfar Mohd Rafi

Hayden Malcolm Forbes Jackson

Jordan Carlos Joel

Shanon Lee Bullock

Emma Marie Windle

Margaret Michelle Laurel Blair

Amanda Irene Eyre

Christian Jack Gyldenlove

Stuart James Ferguson

David Bryan Capper

Desmond Peter Gorry

Avraham Gevurah Apelaham Daniel

Lillian Debbie West

Nicholas Carl Milburne

Neville Tremain Maxwell Brannock

Matthew Samuel Ward

Michael Dichiera

Christopher John Leigh

Kaylah Marie Welsh

Bernard Charles Holland

Stacey Lee Lowe

Kantikki Nantiko Scully

Debbie-Lee White

Shane Herbert-Croucher

Tyler Dirkson

David James Hoad

Benjamin David Carroll

Geoffrey Mark Eagle

Kelly Leigh Lark

Keiwae Trisa Capner

Nigel Benjamin Little

John Leonard Smith

Valentino Jason Gatto

Julie Anne Puru

Ian John Godfrey

Taison Grainger

Tye Thomas Burns

Dwayne Michael Warnock

Aaron Davies

Taliyah Williams

Matthew James Newton

Mitchell Ryan Vickers

Renee Louise Reeves

Campbell John Moller

Byron Justin Madison Rivans

Rehannah Tiona Gorham

Sonya Leigh Pappas

Tyrone Nathan-Pereira

Andrew Collins

Chelsea Margaret Lais

Connor Michael Lovell

Raymond Te

Max Campbell Mee

Amy Alyce Jones

Jordan Lee Dansey

Ruby Kunginarra Anastasia King-Morrison

Kristoffer John Heathcote

Derek Barry Barr

Cooper Harrington Murray

Sebastian Ross Gullo

Dustin Raymond Reid

Patricia Lea Celia B Wiley

Deniz Jack Ak

Anthony Jay Gatley-Dunne

Robert Joseph Neville

Anthony Thomas Mitchell-Dale

Joanne Margaret Mcgrath

Travis Laku Manning

Jasmin Rhyanne Kamp

John William James Polgreen

Juliette Barbara Wright

Denis Ceric

Stacey Ann Swaine

Jacob Dylan Zunker

Matthew Jefferson Wright

Jason Lawrence Kelly

Terry David Shura Cane Wallace

Trevor Barron Laukai Chapman

Glendeanna Dorothy Gadd

Ryan John Menzies

Tiardi Newman

Jason Andrew Botha

Carl Bruce Mcalevey

Joshua Robert Radford

Tanya Louise Bartley

Christopher Laurence Zeinert

Timothy John Gigler

Matthew John Currie

Hiria Kirria Pehi

Harley Peter Voss

Tasseua Qwendell Carter-Swift

Corey Mark Forster

Logan Corey Bone

Timothy Lloyd Oates

Taylah Jeanie Morse

Ryan Daniel Burr

Brandon Hastings

Geoffrey Douglas Blake

Stacey Louise Eliopoulos

Tarsha Alex Chatwin

Cameron Turgay Bardak

Liam Oswald Schedue

Benjamin Troy Owen

Originally published as Everybody appearing at Brisbane Arrest Court Magistrates Court, Monday, April 12

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