Evicted mum of four's anxiety with nowhere to live

A ROCKHAMPTON mum of four is riddled with anxiety with no idea where she and her three infant kids will live.

Police were called to the motel when Amanda Taylor refused to leave after she was evicted.

But owner Michael Tyrrell this evening gave Amanda Taylor, a cleaner who has lived at the Ambassador Motel for about a year, a reprieve, letting her leave her belongings at the motel one more night.

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DRAMATIC SCENES: A family is evicted from the Ambassador Hotel.
DRAMATIC SCENES: A family is evicted from the Ambassador Hotel. Luke Mortimer

Ms Taylor, her teenage son, brother, and three infant children, who all live in the two-bedroom motel room, have found other accommodation tonight.

But she said uncertainty about where she will live next is eating away at her.

"I've got three little ones, and I've got a teenage boy as well," she said.

"I need help."

"Imagine your house if you got told you had half an hour to move out of your house."

A heartbreaking scene unfolded out the front of the motel this evening when her three primary-school-aged children arrived home from school in a mini-van to find their mum in tears. The kids' smiles turned to a worried expression as the mini-van pulled into the driveway.

Ms Taylor claims she has paid rent until August, but Mr Tyrrell said she not provided proof of the payment.

CLEAN UP: Ms Taylor's kids pack up.
CLEAN UP: Ms Taylor's kids pack up.

Mr Tyrrell, who is planning dramatic renovations of the motel, said he had no intention of hiring any staff who worked under the previous management.

"We are not here to upset anybody," he said. "But at the same time, I don't believe we need anybody here that were associated with the previous lease.

"It's as simple as that.

"All we want to do is clean up.

"If you saw the state of the rooms, there's missing fans and missing furniture.

"It's quite deplorable." 

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