OPINION: would time in a morgue stop reckless behaviour?

SOCIAL media has been rife with evidence of reckless behaviour in the region of late.

First, there are the reports of reckless driving behaviour which lead to Rockhampton driving instructor Leyland Barnett filming some with his dashcam:

Today, The Bulletin received the following image via Facebook:

Obviously these guys have been watching too many Fast and Furious movies and think they can pull off such stunts.

Yesterday, The Bulletin received this information via SMS:

stockland customer..today down Kmart end I saw some you kids riding their bike up the escalator then down ..i approached them saying that they could hurt someone. .then as I was going up they were pointing their fingers at me...i wanted to get someone to let security or stocklands know..i approached the lady on the door at Kmart and she went and called security for me...i shop alot up that end of the centre and never see security anywhere ...maybe stocklands should take more notice of where the problem is..as this is not the first time I have seen cases where security is needed and no one around...next time someone may get hurt real bad.. 

Maybe Nicole Kidman should give these guys a lesson about what BMX Bandit stunts can be done where and when in safety?

One slip and one of these kids would have tumbled down the escalator, entangled in their bikes, knocking unsuspecting and innocent people, and causing some serious injuries.

Another act of reckless behaviour was depicted in a photograph that was circulating on Facebook about two weeks ago showing teenagers standing on a rail that goes around a viewing platform at Emu Park.  This viewing platform is off a walkway on a cliff next to the ocean.

The reports indicated their parents were shown this photo they posted of themselves on Facebook and were given a heavy handed lecture.

Now, I understand - kids will be kids - in some circumstances, but a lot of these incidents are life-endangering.

Is there something in the water at the moment that is making people think they are indestructible?


Not only do I feel sorry for the emergency services crew who will no doubt have to tend to their major injuries in the future if these people keep up their reckless behaviours, but I feel sorry for their loved ones who have to pick up the pieces of their lives after fatal incidents.

Maybe these guys should spend some time working with a physio that specialises in helping people walk again?

Or maybe do some work experience in the morgue?

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