Mayor Margaret Strelow, Cr Neil Fisher and Michelle Landry MP, at Mt Archer/
Mayor Margaret Strelow, Cr Neil Fisher and Michelle Landry MP, at Mt Archer/

Extra funding for more works at Mt Archer

MOUNT Archer’s newly redeveloped Fraser Park is set to get a whole lot bright with unexpected plans for lighting.

Rockhampton region councillor Neil Fisher was tickled pink on Tuesday when he found out there was leftover funding for more upgrades at Mount Archer’s Fraser Park.

A report was handed down at the Rockhampton Regional Council meeting this week explaining there was a total of $900,244 remaining from funding, allowing for scope for more works.

Two options were presented to council for projects to spend the money - for lighting or a carpark.

Work began on the project on September 22, 2017.

The Treetop Canopy Walk was jointly funded by Works for Queensland, Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service and Rockhampton Regional Council.

Following stages included in the all-abilities path, amphitheatre nature based play and central path which have been funded by council capital, more Works for Queensland funding, the Federal Government’s Regional Jobs and Infrastructure program, election committed funding from Keppel MP Brittany Lauga and the Federal Government’s Community Development program.

All of the works have been completed excluding the new amenities block and it has been found the cost has been significantly less than estimated, resulting in a surplus to the project’s budget.

The lighting project includes an upgrade to the low voltage power supply and the installation of pathway lighting (western side only) up to and through the treetop canopy walk.

It will also include the installation of ambient lighting to the amphitheatre area.

This option was favoured by councillor Neil Fisher who has a strong passion for Mount Archer and has been instrumental in the redevelopment.

It was said lighting had been discussed many times before, but there just wasn’t the budget at the time.

The carpark would have been for vehicles at the summit, with 20 additional carparks. It would have required the removal of a large tree.

Cr Fisher asked officers if they could find extra money for a cafe as well, but was jokingly told that may be “wishful thinking”.

It was also moved that given the new lighting project, the completion of the project would be extended to June 30 2020.

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