Sexual ratings website resurfaces

A WEB page where young people rate each other on sexual performance has appeared on Facebook, less than three months after a similar one was removed from the social networking site.

The page is almost identical to the one that was taken off Facebook in June following community outrage and police warnings against creating lewd web pages.

The new Facebook page, set up with a different name to the previous one, has almost 300 friends and asks users to send details of sexual liaisons and give it a rating so they can be posted on the site.

Students are among those who have befriended the page, prompting Education Queensland to warn them against engaging in inappropriate web pages used to “rate”, bully, harass or threaten students or school staff.

Central Queensland regional director Wayne Butler yesterday said the education department was investigating an inappropriate Facebook page from the Mackay area.

He warned the department would seek to shut down any social networking site or other website containing inappropriate, offensive or threatening content involving state school students.

The web page has been set up despite previous police warnings about creating and commenting on offensive sites.

Police warned they could take action against those involved and could pursue prosecution under the Telecommunications Act.

The previous Facebook page, which had 2070 friends, was removed from the web after the Daily Mercury revealed police and parents were concerned about the page’s content.

It appears the new page was set up earlier this month.

Yesterday it had 280 friends.

As in the previous instance, we have decided not to name the Facebook page in question as doing so would give it more notoriety.

The comments left on the site are so vulgar that we cannot publish them.

Mr Butler said any student identified on such sites by the education department would be reported to their school principal and serious instances would be referred to police.

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