Families invited to ABC centres

ABC is inviting families in the Rockhampton community to visit one of their local ABC Learning Centres and “See What We See”.

Our community-minded, local Centres are confident that families will soon discover there is a whole lot more to ABC Centres than just a name.

The new ABC is community-minded and each of our centres offers its own unique characteristics towards creating a fun, exciting, safe and nurturing environment for all our families.

Every ABC is proud of its involvement in the local community and being able to offer quality care options for local families with children aged between six weeks and five years.

Our local, qualified staff provide support and commitment to every child using our Lifesmart Learning Program to promote and encourage all children to be active learners in all stages of their development.

The journey begins in our Nursery rooms which offer small groups of children to begin their initial learning experiences with a dedicated team of carers that are responding to your child's individual needs.

The separate sleep room offers babies a tranquil space to relax and rest, while those not ready for bed can continue to create and play in the outer room. Each nursery also offers a comfortable space for those parents wishing to continue with breastfeeding.

As the path of your child's life unfolds, so too does the journey continue along the rooms of the centre's with each educator enhancing the development and experiences of your child.

Our 3-5 years Lifesmart Learning Program comprises of six key areas of learning; including social and personal development, health and physical education, language learning and communication, early mathematical learning, active learning and behavioural learning.

Our unique integration of these vital areas enables all of our children to develop, and build upon, their own skills and interests.

Based on the nationally recognised learning outcomes our talented teachers create fantastic play-based activities. At ABC our centre directors and their teams of qualified early childhood staff provide more than just day care, they offer support and commitment to every child.

Our director Mary, who is at ABC Rockhampton, has been the director at her centre for 5½ years while ABC Gracemere director Nichole has been at her centre for three years.

Both ladies are dedicated childcare professionals and educators and know all about the difference that ABC can make to your child's development. Area manager Anita White “loves the community feel that each of the Centres in her area have”.

“The Directors of the ABC Centres in the Central Queensland region are a tight-knit group who support each other in offering advice and sharing ideas to ensure the best Childcare experience for all their families,” she said.

Mary and Nichole look forward to showing you around their centre and discussing your child's needs with you:

Mary at ABC Rockhampton 245 - 253 Campbell St, Rockhampton. Phone: 4923 7499.

Nichole at ABC Gracemere, 2 Stover St, Gracemere. Phone: 4933 4544.

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