Dr Jane Truscott.
Dr Jane Truscott. Paul Beutel

'Farmers are not terrorists'

ONE Nation has accused Labor of treating farmers like terrorists during a heated debate on farmers' rights to own category H firearms.

But Labor says we don't live in America and nobody should have an automatic right to hold a concealed firearm.

One Nation Bundaberg candidate Jane Truscott said on Facebook her party was committed to "taking a fair and balanced approach to firearms ownership".

"In our region, we know that firearm ownership is a fundamental tool of trade for our farmers," Dr Truscott said.

"Labor and the LNP clearly do not support or understand the needs of primary producers in regional Queensland."

Last week in State Parliament, Katter's Australian Party MP Robbie Katter moved a motion to provide as-of-right access to category H firearms for farmers.

Mr Katter described the current laws as "imprac- tical" and an "anomaly" because Weapons Licensing Queensland was rejecting applications and renewals from primary producers who had legitimate reasons to own a handgun.

"A farmer can still own a handgun to shoot at the pistol club in town but they can't own one to use for their business," he said.

"It makes no sense."

The motion was rejected by Labor and the LNP but gained support from One Nation Member for Buderim Steve Dickson.

"I know that the Labor Party wants to treat farmers like terrorists," Mr Dickson.

"They treat farmers very badly."

But Deputy Premier Jackie Trad said while she had a great respect for primary producers they should not be put in a different category from other Queenslanders and Australians on the gun issue.

Ms Trad reminded One Nation and the Katter Party that the nation had united over gun ownership more than 20 years ago, after the Port Arthur massacre.

"At that time, we as a nation made a decision that we would not be a nation that had a liberal attitude towards prolific gun ownership in this country because we acknowledge the massive and terrible damage caused by guns," she said.

Opposition police spokesman Tim Mander said the LNP had raised issues about inconsistencies in category H licensing.

"However, the approach from KAP MPs Robbie Katter and Shane Knuth had the potential to bring down the whole system and ruin it for all firearm owners in Queensland," Mr Mander said.

"It could have meant that any primary producer in Queensland had the right to own and use a category H weapon - without the need for licensing.

"That includes anyone with a violent criminal record - the very people we don't want to have a firearm."

A nationwide firearms amnesty began on July 1 allowing anyone with unwanted or unregistered firearms to register or dispose of them at registered firearms dealers or police stations without penalty.

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