Maya McColm says dieting fads were not designed for the long term.
Maya McColm says dieting fads were not designed for the long term.

Fat chance fad diets will work

CELEBRITIES go from fat to thin in the blink of an eye, so why can't we?

Australians are spending billions of dollars a year while being bombarded with photographs of the rich and famous saying how easy it is to shed the kilos if you just use the "magic formula" of the next big thing in dieting.

But Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) says people are doing themselves a disservice by buying into diet fads which do not provide a sustainable platform for long-term weight loss.

The DAA has named the worst three diet offenders - the Blood Type Diet, the Acid and Alkaline Diet and the Lemon Detox diet.

Coast dietitian, Maya McColm said dieting fads were not designed for the long term.

"Diets often compromise on nutritional quality," she said.

"No-one diet suits everyone - there are many factors which influence weight loss - from healthy eating and exercise to emotional support and motivation."

Ms McColm said it was about a healthy and holistic lifestyle change, not yo-yo dieting.

"Each individual must change their mindset - no-one can do it for them," she said.

"It is about exercising, eating well and integrating this into everyday life."

She said in this day and age people were time poor and opted for take-aways over quality food.

"It is not just about eating foods with a low Glycemic Index (GI) but also low Human Intervention (HI)," she said.

"Low Human Intervention means the food has undergone no or minimal changes from its place in nature to your plate."

Brisbane visitor Kati Leadetter said she had never had much of a need to diet but knew if she ever needed to lose weight and get fit she would not resort to dieting trends.

"I would do it the old fashioned way," the 20-year-old said.

Celebrities who endorsed the fads were putting unrealistic expectations on people.

Eveline McGregor, of Coolum, agreed, saying a healthy and fit body should be a result of living a well-balanced lifestyle.

"Diets can be extremely harmful if people expect instant result," she said.

James McArthur, 36, of Buddina said he was realistic about the fact he would never have a six-pack and put no worth in the media's portrayal of the ideal body type for either gender.

"Unless you work-out every day and eat extremely well, you can't achieve these results," he said.

Ms McColm said people who needed help losing weight and getting healthy should seek the professional help of a nutritionist or dietitian, where counselling, motivational support and advice could be given on an individual level.

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