Father on parole for gun threat

A FATHER who threatened trail bike riders with a handgun was on a suspended sentence for weapons offences at the time.

Vincenzo Luciano Palmisano faced Ipswich District Court yesterday and pleaded guilty to breaching the sentence handed down for similar offences in 2010.

The court was told the breach arose from a confrontation with the bike riders near a Redbank Plains property on November 9.

Palmisano, 43, was concerned the riders rode too close to his partner and children, and brandished the weapon at them.

Police raided his home and found the gun, a crossbow, 13 arrows, martial arts weapons and explosives.

On November 28 Palmisano pleaded guilty to unlawful possession of weapons, exposing a weapon in a public place, discharging a weapon in a public place, possessing explosives and failing to dispose of a needle and syringe properly.

Magistrate Donna MacCallum sentenced him to three months prison with immediate parole, and committed him back to the district court to be dealt with for the breach.

The Department of Public Prosecutions yesterday called for Palmisano to be sentenced to six months prison and released on immediate parole.

Judge Deborah Richards said there was no need for her to lecture him on the way the law operated.

"You've had (lengthy) clashes with the law," Judge Richards said.

"If you continue to possess weapons the Crown won't be as generous (next time)."

Palmisano was sentenced to six months prison and released on immediate parole.

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