Fear for kids after ‘dingo’ attack in Frenchville area

A ROCKHAMPTON woman is living in constant fear for her children after a "dingo" attacked her terrier while it was with her young daughter.

The woman said the Frenchville area had become so overrun with wild dogs it wasn't unusual to see them following a neighbour on his ride-on mower during the day.

Many residents had reportedly been forced to install "dingo-proof" fencing in order to protect their yards, but the woman said her children remained too terrified to go outside.

"Within five minutes it was gone... we were so lucky it wasn't our daughter," she said.

"Others have had them at their back doors at night-time... last year they mauled a dog that lived up the road from us."

The woman, who did not wish to be identified, said the problem had grown worse in the past four years.

Rockhampton Regional Council are currently using traps in the area in an attempt to reduce the population, but the woman was unconvinced it was enough to tackle the issue.

"They are not scared of us; they don't run away from us any more," she said.

"Council are really trying hard and have ramped it up... it is frustrating for them as well."

The woman said she was told by council that they were unable to cull the animals due to state legislation, but she wanted something done before a child was hurt.

The brazen nature of the dogs' behaviour and how "fat" they were reportedly raised suspicions the animals were being fed by residents.

Councillor Neil Fisher said in order for the numbers to be controlled, people needed to act responsibly.

"It's very frustrating that all our efforts can easily be undone because there are numerous food sources available for the wild dogs, so I'm urging residents please don't feed any wild dogs," he said.

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