Patient cleared after being suspected of having Ebola

THE Gold Coast man suspected of having Ebola Virus disease has been cleared.

Chief Health Offier Dr Jeannette Young confirmed the result on Thursday night through a statement.

It followed earlier comments from medical experts that the chances of the patient being afflicted with the potentially deadly virus was "highly unlikely".

"I would like to thank all health and ambulance staff involved in the management of this patient; it was a job well done and serves to show the community that our emergency preparedness plans are sound, and that they can rely on their health services," Dr Young said.

"I also thank the media for helping to allay the fears and hype in the community - it was a very important message for us to convey."

She said despite Queensland being considered at a low risk of an outbreak, anyone who has visited parts of West Africa affected by Ebola or generally concerned should visit their GP.

The man is still being treated on the Gold Coast.

EARLIER: Ebola 'highly unlikely' in Gold Coast case

Health authorities say it is highly unlikely a young man rushed to Gold Coast University Hospital and isolated has the Ebola virus.

The man fell seriously ill with emergency crews confirming he had just returned from The Congo two days ago.

Police said the man was taken by ambulance from the Southport watchhouse with Ebola symptoms.

He had been allegedly arrested overnight for trespass at at Surfers Paradise hotel.

Channel Seven named the patient as Michael Walsh, 27.

The news outlet said that he had been arrested this morning for trespassing in Chevron Renaissance, a upmarket apartment and retail complex.

A short time ago, a Gold Coast hospital official told reporters that the man had been treated and the hospital was awaiting test results.

But the official said the chances of him having Ebola or spreading the infection were 'vanshingly small''.

The hospital's head of infectious diseases, John Gerrard, said the man remained in isolation in line with universal infection control procedures.






He said the recently completed hospital had been designed to accommodate patients with infectious diseases.

The man contacted paramedics at 7.40am complaining of feeling unwell, a Queensland Ambulance spokeswoman told Fairfax Media.

Paramedics suited up to rush the severely ill man to hospital.

Paramedics were instructed to suit up in protective clothing before taking him to hospital, the Gold Coast Bulletin reports.

Gold Coast Health's Damian Green said in a statement on Thursday morning: "Gold Coast Health can confirm a patient has been transferred to Gold Coast University Hospital after being identified by paramedics as having symptoms of Ebola virus.

"Gold Coast Health is taking necessary precautions and has isolated the patient who is currently being assessed.

"Gold Coast Heath has processes in place to safely manage such circumstances.

"Universal infection control procedures are in place and there is limited risk to patients and staff."

The man is yet to be confirmed with Ebola virus.

The World Health Organisation has reported more than 2,296 confirmed deaths from Ebola.

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