A series of driving misadventures has prompted community members to start up a Dob in Teewah Tool Facebook page.
A series of driving misadventures has prompted community members to start up a Dob in Teewah Tool Facebook page.

Fed up beach drivers dob in ‘Teewah tools’

Responsible four-wheel-drive enthusiasts are banding together to "Dob in A Teewah Tool" as they hit back at the dangerous hoons ruining their beach getaways.

Rainbow Beach tow truck service owner Carolyn Elder started up the Facebook page to highlight the maverick motoring behaviour that could end in serious injury or death as well as chase valuable business away.

Ms Elder, whose trucks attended recent fatal crashes on Teewah Beach and Fraser Island, is keen to promote safe driving so the areas can be enjoyed by everyone.

"The reason I started the page wasn't to give notoriety to those doing the wrong thing," Ms Elder said.

Her information platform is encouraging those who witness hooning to take photos, shoot videos and report incidents to police.

Ms Elder's campaign has the backing of four-wheel drive club peak body 4WD Queensland, which is offering to work in with police to help put a stop to dangerous driving that threatens human life and the environment.

"This is absolutely about sharing information if you wanted to dob someone in," Ms Elder said.

"It's about making the beach safe for other people."

Five charged after police crackdown at Teewah

Cops crack down on North Shore weekenders

Ms Elder said her family stopped camping at Teewah after hooning became out of control and the levels of rubbish and human waste in the dunes became disgusting.

A Dob in a Teewah Tool Facebook page has been set up to encourage safer driving.
A Dob in a Teewah Tool Facebook page has been set up to encourage safer driving.

"You don't have to put up with it, so if you want to go back to Teewah, this is a place where you can share you information," she said.

"Let's get the information and the police can act, any inboxes we get we send them the link through the online reporting tool through the Queensland Police Service.

"And the people who are doing this, let's get them on the page as well and let them see what people think of their behaviour.

"Let's let them know that this is not acceptable."

She said Rainbow and Tewantin were losing business due to family campers and grey nomads avoiding Teewah and other camping areas.

"These are the people who are being put off by all of this hooning, they're the ones who aren't coming anymore and they're the ones that get out and do the day trips, they go across to Rainbow and spend money, they have lunch at a cafe," she said.

"They do the same thing at Tewantin, they're putting money into the local economy, these people who come and do the hooning generally don't."

4WD Queensland CEO Michael Elliott said his members were concerned they could be forced out of areas by a reckless minority of visitors.

Mr Elliott said he had spoken to Queensland Parks and Wildlife Services who indicated the probability of a four-wheel-drive ban would be extremely small.

"They've got no plans to close anything down, they just want to make sure that everybody is safe," he said.

"Certainly I've got a personal involvement in this, I'm very environmentally minded.

"That's the case with most people with four wheel drives.

"They are family groups, dad, mum and two or three kids who are going out to do a bit of fishing and surfing and swimming and you get these drunken idiots who spin up the beach."

He said often the outcome was that people just stopped going up the beach.

"That just means the idiots get control because they're the only ones who would go there," he said.

His group has reached out to police with a plan for members to set up a Neighbourhood Watch presence on the beach with support from authorities.

"If they would help point us in the right direction then it would assist them," he said.

"That might be we set up a camp on the beach on one of the camp sites over the weekend, so if people have a problem (with hoons) we can help them.

"We're not the police, but we can help possibly and then also have patrols up and down the beach with cameras."

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