Clockwise from top left, Terri Butler, Cathy O’Toole, George Christensen, Susan Lamb, Bob Katter and Peter Dutton
Clockwise from top left, Terri Butler, Cathy O’Toole, George Christensen, Susan Lamb, Bob Katter and Peter Dutton

Qld’s full list of election candidates revealed

WITH the candidates locked in and the election looming, we take a look at every hopeful in every seat in Queensland, and the local issues that will define their campaigns.

(LNP: Liberal National Party; ALP: Australian Labor Party; KAP: Katter's Australian Party; PHON: Pauline Hanson's One Nation; UAP: United Australia Party; FACNP: Fraser Anning's Conservative National Party; LDP: Liberal Democratic Party; DLP: Democratic Labour Party; AJP: Animal Justice Party; LAOL: Love Australia or Leave; AFP: Australia First Party; AP: Australian Progressives; Ind: Independent.


Shayne Neumann
Shayne Neumann

Stretches from Ipswich across the Scenic Rim and Lockyer Valley, northwest of Brisbane, covering 6472sq km.

98,368 electors

Current MP: Shayne Neumann (ALP)

Candidates: Simone Karandrews (Ind), Peter John Fitzpatrick (FACNP), Shayne Kenneth Neumann (ALP), Sharon Pauline Bell (PHON), Robert Shearman (LNP), Majella Impel (UAP), John Quinn (DLP) Michelle Duncan (Greens), John Turner (Ind).

Margin: 8.5 per cent

History: Established in 1998 after a redistribution that split the old seat of Oxley.

Local issues: Jobs, agriculture, cost of living, tourism.




Ross Vasta
Ross Vasta

Southern Brisbane seat including parts of Mt Gravatt, Carindale and Rochedale and up to Lytton, Wynmum and out to Burbank. It also includes Moreton Island. About 374sq km

100,800 electors

Current MP: Ross Vasta (LNP)

Candidates: Simon E.F. Flitcroft (UAP), Barbara Bell (Greens), Ian Pauline Symes (PHON), Ross Vasta (LNP), Alex Maynard (FACNP), Jo Briskey (ALP).

Margin: 3.4 per cent

History: Bonner is a recently created seat which has twice been won by Ross Vasta. He first held the seat when it was created in 2004, but lost it after one term to Labor's Kerry Rea. It was a short-term loss as he won it back again in 2010 and has held it since.

Local issues: Some parts of Bonner have had issues with mobile black spots. With a lot of young families in the outer-suburban seat, child care is also expected to be an issue.

Scandal: Mr Vasta was one of three Liberal MPs to have his office raided by Australian Federal Police in 2007 as part of the so-called "printgate" scandal. He and the other MPs implicated were cleared of all allegation of misusing electoral funds.



Andrew Laming
Andrew Laming

Sits across Brisbane and Redland taking in Redland Bay, Mt Cotton, Wellington Point, Victoria Point and Cleveland, as well as North Stradbroke Island. About 536sq km.

103,400 electors

Current MP: Andrew Laming (LNP)

Candidates: Emerald Moon (Greens), Andrew Laming (LNP), Shane Clarke (UAP), David Anderson (FACNP), Glen Wadsworth (PHON), Tom Baster (ALP).

Margin: 7.1 per cent

History: The seat of Bowman has tic-tacked between Liberal and Labor over the years, but has been solidly held by the LNP's Andrew Laming for almost 15 years since 2004.

Local issues: Tourism and jobs, as well as key road projects, will be key issues in the seat of Bowman. But there will be an addition firebrand issue of the controversial Toondah Harbour development.




Trevor Evans
Trevor Evans

The inner-city seat is bordered by the Brisbane River, taking in Eagle Farm across to Milton and out to Ashgrove, Enoggera, Stafford and Kalinga, as well as including the CBD. About 57sq km

107,000 electors

Current MP: Trevor Evans (LNP)

Candidates: Anne Perry (PHON), Trevor Evans (LNP), Aaron Whittaker (UAP), Andrew Bartlett (Greens), Rod Jeanneret (FACNP), Paul Newbury (ALP), Kamala Emanuel (Socialist Alliance).

Margin: 6.1 per cent

History: The foundation seat was created in 1901 with Federation and was first held by Thomas Macdonald-Paterson, standing for the Protectionist Party. It has switched between Labor and conservative parties since then, but often being held for decades at a time.

Local issues: Public transport and congestion will be heavily canvassed issues in the electorate. It could also have to deal with climate change and Adani as key questions.

Scandal: There was controversy when former LNP MP Teresa Gambaro resigned at the last minute before the 2016 poll, having let colleagues known she was angered at having been overlooked for a frontbench position. There were private accusations it was an attempt to sabotage the party.




Michelle Landry
Michelle Landry

Includes Rockhampton, Isaac and Livingstone council areas, as well as parts of Mackay and Whitsunday. Its 98,190 voters live across is 90,903sq km. It is about 600km north of Brisbane.

Current MP: Michelle Landry (LNP)

Candidates: Paul Bambrick (Greens), George Birkbeck (KAP), Richard Templer (DLP), Ken Murray (Ind), Michelle Landry (LNP), Russell Robertson (ALP), Wade Rothery (PHON), Lindsay Sturgeon (UAP), Grant Pratt (FACNP).

Margin: 0.6 per cent

History: While it has been held by Ms Landry of the LNP since 2013, Capricornia has changed hands frequently between National, Liberal and Labor parties over the past 100 years. It had been held by Labor for 15 years before Ms Landry's victory six years ago. It only attracted a small vote from minor parties in 2016, with almost 80 per cent of the vote going to the LNP or Labor, though One Nation did not contest it at the last election.

Local issues: Local issues include demand for the Rookwood weir to be built, which both major parties have committed to do, a Rockhampton levee for flood mitigation and unemployment sitting above the state and national average. It could receive an employment boost from the Adani mine, which is also likely to be an issue.




George Christensen
George Christensen

North Queensland seat centred around Mackay stretching up to parts of Townsville City Council, and including Whitsunday council and parts of the Burdekin. 900km north of Brisbane. About 14,630sq km.

103,600 electors.

Current MP: George Christensen (LNP)

Candidates: Ann-Maree Ware (DLP), Michael Wayne Turner (FACNP), Debra Lawson (PHON), George Christensen (LNP), Belinda Hassan (ALP), Brendan Bunyan (KAP), Imogen Lindenberg (Greens), Lachlan Queenan (Ind), Colin Richard Thompson (UAP).

Margin: 3.4 per cent

History: The seat has been firmly held by Nationals or the equivalent for the better part of 70 years, with brief exceptions

Local issues: While Mackay has started to see a turn around, employment is still a big issue for the region. Issues impacting the sugar cane industry, such as the sugar code of conduct, as well as mining opportunities will play a big role in the election. Tourism will also be an issue for the region, while Labor will focus on the local hospital.

Scandals: Christensen has been labelled the "Member for Manila" over his numerous trips to the Philippines while a sitting member.



Peter Dutton
Peter Dutton

Starts in Moreton Bay and ends in Brisbane, including Kallangur, Samford and Ferny Hills. 724sq km.

100,600 electors

Current MP: Peter Dutton (LNP)

Candidates: Benedict Coyne (Greens), Peter Dutton (LNP), Ali France (ALP), Thor Prohaska (Ind), Steve Austin (UAP), Carrol Halliwell (PHON), Richelle Simpson (FACNP), Maureen Brohman (AJP).

Margin: 1.8 per cent

History: It has been held LNP's Mr Dutton for 17 years, but changed hands several times since it was created in 1993.

Local issues: Cost of living, congestion and border security are likely to be big issues in the electorate, as will the incumbent himself. The high-profile Minister has strong supporters and strong detractors. Left-wing activist group GetUp! and unions have pledged to campaign against Mr Dutton, while his unsuccessful tilt to depose former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull could also be a factor.

Scandals: Cheryl Kernot controversially defected from the Australian Democrats to the Labor Party to contest the seat in 1998. Prior to that it was held by the Liberals' Tony Smith, but he lost the party's endorsement after scandals and unsuccessfully contested it as an Independent in 1998.



Stuart Robert
Stuart Robert

Takes in suburbs at Gold Coast and Redland, about 395sq km

111,813 electors (as of December 31, 2018).

Current MP: Stuart Robert (LNP)

Candidates: Jake Welch (LDP), Luz Stanton (ALP), Darren Eather (PHON), Allan Barber (FACNP), Scott Turner (Greens), Stuart Robert (LNP), Mara Krischker (UAP).

Margin of 11.3 per cent

History: Fadden was first contested in 1977 and has mostly been a conservative stronghold. Redistributions has pushed it further into the Gold Coast.

Local issues: Immigration, congestion Pacific Motorway

Scandals: Fundraising arm the Fadden Forum was criticised for bankrolling former staff members of Mr Robert who ran as independents during Gold Coast council elections.




Ted O'Brien
Ted O'Brien

Sunshine Coast, including Maroochydore, Buderim and Nambour, about 1030sq km.

112,386 electors (as of December 31, 2018).

Current MP: Ted O'Brien (LNP)

Candidates: Kylie Natasha Cowling (UAP), Jake Luke Ryan (FACNP), Sue Etheridge (Greens), Ted O'Brien (LNP), Richard Belcher (Sustainable Australia), Paul Henselin (PHON), Sinim Australie (Ind), Bertrand Cadart (LDP), Julie McGlone (ALP).

Margin: 11.2 per cent

History: Fairfax was first contested in 1984 and has mostly been held by conservatives

Local issues: Development, population growth, congestion, jobs

Scandals: Clive Palmer won the seat in 2013.



Andrew Wallace
Andrew Wallace

Sunshine Coast and north Brisbane and includes Maleny, Woodford and Caloundra, about 1170sq km

110,737 (as of December 31, 2018)

Current MP: Andrew Wallace (LNP)

Candidates: Trevor David Gray (UAP), Daniel Parsell (ALP), Tracy Burton (Greens), Christopher Paterson (PHON), Andrew Wallace (LNP), Mike Jessop (FACNP), Paul Monaghan (LAOL).

Margin: 8.9 per cent

History: Named after Andrew Fisher, prime minister from 1908-1909; 1919-1913 and 1914-1915.

Local issues: Congestion and jobs.

Scandals: The LNP's Peter Slipper (initially a National) was a long-term MP but after he became Speaker he become an independent. Travel rorts claims dogged Mr Slipper. The LNP's Mal Brough, who once held Longman, won Fisher but retired at the 2016 election over allegations of his role in asking James Ashby to copy the diaries of Mr Slipper.



Ken O'Dowd
Ken O'Dowd

Includes Gladstone, as well as Banana Shire, the Central Highlands, North Burnett and Woorabinda. It is more than 400km north of Brisbane. 132,824sq km.

100,600 electors.

Current MP: Ken O'Dowd (LNP)

Candidates: Zac Beers (ALP), Nathan David Harris (UAP), Jaiben Baker (Greens), Murray Peterson (Ind), Sharon Lohse (PHON), Duncan George Scott (Ind), Marcus John Hiesler (FACNP), Ken O'Dowd (LNP).

Margin: 1.1 per cent

History: Flynn was only established in 2007. It was won by Labor MP Chris Trevor in its first year, under the "Rudd-slide" of 2007. It was a short-lived victory, with the LNP's Ken O'Dowd who has held it in two elections since then.

Local issues: Employment will be a significant issue for this seat. Power prices putting pressure on aluminium smelters, which provide a significant amount of employment in the region, will be used by the government as a major election issue. Commitment to Adani, as a potential employer of the mining workforce, will also come up.



Bert Van Manen
Bert Van Manen

South of Brisbane, includes northern parts of the Gold Coast and southern parts of Logan, about 418sq km.

99,000 Electors

Current MP: Bert Van Manen (LNP)

Candidates: Ian Bowron (PHON), Kirsty Petersen (Greens), Paul Creighton (UAP), Bert Van Manen (LNP), Des Hardman (ALP), Les Innes (FACNP).

Margin: 0.7 per cent.

History: Forde was established 1984, and has changed hands between Labor and conservative parties several times in that 35 years.

Local issues: Traffic headaches on the Pacific Motorway, with upgrades and widening, are perennially on the agenda. There will also be calls for more money for the Logan Hospital after serious ambulance ramping were revealed. Unemployment for Logan sits lightly above the state average at 6.64 per cent. The state average is 6.3 per cent.

Scandals: In 2013 Labor controversially dumped its preselected candidate Des Hardman to install former Premier Peter Beattie as its candidate. The gamble did not pay off, with Mr Van Manen winning the seat with a swing towards him.



Terri Butler
Terri Butler

Includes parts of south eastern Brisbane, stretching along the Brisbane River from Dutton Park to Murarrie and south to Holland Park, covering 60sq km.

105,828 electors

Current MP: Terri Butler (ALP)

Candidates: Olivia Roberts (LNP), Terri Butler (ALP), Max Chandler-Mather (Greens), Christian John Julius (UAP), Julie Darlington (PHON), Tony Murray (FACNP).

Margin: 1.5 per cent

History: Established in 1934, the seat has been held more often by Labor than Liberal. Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd held the seat from 1998 to 2013. Changing demographics in the area have given the Greens a stronger profile.

Local issues: Development, jobs, climate change.



John McVeigh
John McVeigh

West of Brisbane and takes in Toowoomba, about 5594sq km

105,009 electors

Current MP: John McVeigh (LNP)

Candidates: Alyce Nelligan (Greens), David King (PHON), Perry Adrelius (FACNP), John McVeigh (LNP), Kenneth Ian Law (UAP), Troy Kay (ALP).

Margin: 15.3 per cent

History: First contested in 1984 and is a stronghold for conservatives. In 2016, Family First and the Nick Xenophon Team collectively polled 17 per cent of the vote but Mr McVeigh won comfortably with 54 per cent of the primary vote.

Local issues: Finishing Second Range Crossing, ice abuse.

Scandals: When long-term MP Ian Macfarlane was dumped from the Turnbull government cabinet in September 2015, he tried to defect from the Liberals to the Nationals but was thwarted in his attempts.



Cathy O'Toole
Cathy O'Toole

Townsville, Palm Island and part of Hinchinbrook Shire Council, about 941sq km.

104,815 electors

Current MP: Cathy O'Toole (ALP)

Candidates: Amy Lohse (PHON), Greg Dowling (UAP), Nanette Radeck (KAP), Sam Blackadder (Greens), Phillip Thompson (LNP), Tamara Durant (FACNP), Mackenzie Severns (AJP), Cathy O'Toole (ALP).

Margin: 0.1 per cent

History: Herbert has swung between Labor and conservative parties since it was established in 1901. The seat is currently the most marginal in the country and was won by Labor at the last election by just 37 votes.

Local issues: Jobs and measures to reduce unemployment, including the prospect of Townsville becoming a base for the proposed Adani Carmichael mine. Water security, roads, urban redevelopment are big concerns and both sides of politics have made similar infrastructure promises. Recent floods in Townsville have also ensured disaster mitigation and recovery as well as practices of insurance firms are topical issues. With a large military presence, defence issues are also of interest to many constituents.



Keith Pitt
Keith Pitt

Includes Bundaberg and Hervey Bay along with other parts of the Fraser Coast region, covering 3,818sq km.

100,687 electors

Current MP: Keith Pitt (LNP)

Candidates: Damian Huxham (PHON), Keith Pitt (LNP), Anne Jackson (Greens), David Norman (Ind), Moe Turaga (Ind), Aaron Erskine (FACNP), Joseph Kevin Ellul (UAP), Amy Byrnes (AJP), Richard Pascoe (ALP), Adrian Jacob Wone (Ind)

Margin: 8.4 per cent

History: Established in 1984, the seat has mostly been held by the LNP.

Local issues: Agriculture, jobs, tourism, temporary foreign workers, cashless welfare card trial, energy prices.



Bob Katter
Bob Katter

Large parts of north Queensland including shires of Boulia, Burke, Cassowary Coast, Charters Towers, Cloncurry, Croydon, Doomadgee, Etheridge, Flinders, McKinlay, Mornington, Mt Isa, Richmond, Tablelands and Yarrabah, covering 567,377sq km.

99,883 electors

Current MP: Bob Katter (KAP)

Candidates: Sue Bertuch (UAP), Bob Katter (KAP), Lyle Burness (Greens), Ian Douglas Hackwell (FACNP), Frank Beveridge (LNP), Brett McGuire (ALP).

Margin: 6.9 per cent

History: Established in 1901, the seat has been held by Mr Katter since 1993.

Local issues: agriculture, infrastructure, dams, crocodiles



Warren Entsch
Warren Entsch

The far north Queensland seat of Leichhardt covers from Cairns to Cape York, west to Aurukun and even includes the Torres Strait Islands. 148,559sq km. It is 1600km north of Brisbane.

109,000 electors

Current MP: Warren Entsch (LNP)

Candidates: Jo Ashby (FACNP), Chad Anderson (Ind), Elida Faith (ALP), Ross Macdonald (PHON), Daniel McCarthy (KAP), Jen Sackley (UAP), Warren Entsch (LNP), Gary Oliver (Greens).

Margin: 4.1 per cent

History: The seat has switched frequently between conservative parties and Labor over the 70 years it has existed.

Local issues: The FNQ seat has a varied range of issues, from needing to drive tourism, to addressing needs of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island communities within its boundaries. Regional and distance education, increasing university participation, the Cairns Hospital and crime are also issues central to the electorate.




Anika Wells
Anika Wells

Covers northern Brisbane suburbs from Nundah to bayside suburbs of Sandgate and Brighton. It is 144sq km.

106,969 electors

Current MP: Wayne Swan (ALP) - not contesting

Candidates: Tracey Bell-Henselin (PHON), Don Coles (FACNP), Mike Crook (Socialist Alliance), Brad Carswell (LNP), Anika Wells (ALP), John Meyer (Greens), David McClaer (UAP).

Margin: 5.7 per cent

History: Established in 1913, the seat has become a Labor stronghold under Mr Swan, Labor's former Treasurer and Deputy Prime Minister, who has held the seat since 1998. Mr Swan is retiring at this election but he will play a prominent role as the ALP's national president. Labor's new candidate, who is the favourite to win the seat, is Anika Wells.

Local issues: Transport, jobs, cost of living, housing.



Susan Lamb
Susan Lamb

Includes Bribie Island, Burpengary, Caboolture, Morayfield, Woodford and Narangba, covering much of the Moreton Bay Region. It covers 1239sq km.

111,784 electors

Current MP: Susan Lamb (ALP)

Candidates: Terry Young (LNP), Bailey James Maher (UAP), Jono Young (AP), Susan Lamb (ALP), Peter Keith Schuback (AFP), Matthew Thomson (PHON), Dave Paulke (FACNP), Simone Dejun (Greens).

Margin: 0.8 per cent, 4.4 per cent after 2018 by-election

History: Established in 1996, the seat has swung between Labor and the LNP.

Local issues: Unemployment, health, aged care and retirees' concerns



David Littleproud
David Littleproud

Outback Queensland, including Longreach, Winton and Barcaldine, about 731,297sq km

104,458 electors

Current MP: David Littleproud (LNP)

Candidates: Linda Little (ALP), David Littleproud (LNP), Anthony Wallis (KAP), Julie Marie Saunders (UAP), Darren Lee Christiansen (FACNP), Rosemary Moulden (PHON), Emmeline Chidley (Greens).

Margin: 17.6 per cent

History: One of the original divisions contested at the first federal election. In the 2016 election it recorded a high One Nation vote of 17 per cent.

Local issues: The drug ice, immigration

Scandals: The LNP took its time to reindorse Mr Littleproud, who is battling internal, local factional matters



Karen Andrews
Karen Andrews

Includes part of the Gold Coast, about 230sq km

108,290 electors

Current MP: Karen Andrews (LNP)

Candidates: Aaron Santelises (ALP), Scott Crowe (LDP), Michael Kaff (Ind), Alan Quinn (Greens), Karen Andrews (LNP), Sean Gordon Gaffy (FACNP), Renee Stewart (AJP), Fiona Kay MacKenzie (UAP), John Spellman (PHON).

Margin: 11.7 per cent

History: Has always been held by a conservative and was held by prime minister Artie Fadden from 1949-1958

Local issues: Pacific Motorway and congestion



Angie Bell
Angie Bell

The heart of the Gold Coast, about 92sq km

110,131 electors

Current MP: Steve Ciobo (LNP) - not contesting

Candidates: Karla Freeman (AJP), Angie Bell (LNP), Vanessa Sibson (PHON), Sally Spain (Greens), Garry Paul Eilola (UAP), Darren Alan Long (FACNP), Tracey Bell (ALP), S. Gryphon (LDP), Aaron Nieass (FACNP).

Margin: 14.6 per cent

History: First contested in 1984 and represented by just two MPs - Kathy Sullivan and Mr Ciobo - both conservatives

Local issues: Pacific Motorway and population growth. With ageing voters and holiday units, Labor's negative gearing and franking credits likely to feature as an issue

Scandals: Mostly scandal-free, but a colourful advertisement not endorsed by Mr Ciobo but encouraged punters to "Vote Ciobo c**t remains on YouTube



Graham Perrett
Graham Perrett

The seat takes in south west Brisbane suburbs including Archerfield, Fairfield, Graceville, Kuraby, MacGregor, Oxley, Rocklea, Stretton, Sunnybank, Yeronga, and Yeerongpilly. It covers 109sq km.

97,782 electors

Current MP: Graham Perrett (ALP)

Candidates: Graham Perrett (ALP), Patsy O'Brien (Greens), William Lawrence (PHON), Angela Owen (LNP), Jenny-Rebecca Brown (UAP).

Margin: 4.1 per cent

History: Established in 1901, the seat has swing between Labor and Liberal but has been held by the ALP's Graham Perrett since 2007. The seat covers some of Brisbane's most ethnically diverse suburbs and includes a number of new migrants.

Local issues: Jobs, housing, cost of living, transport.



Milton Dick
Milton Dick

Southwest of Brisbane, covering part of Ipswich and Logan. It is 159sq km.

94,997 electors

Current MP: Milton Dick (ALP)

Candidates: Russell Bauer (LNP), Steven Purcell (Greens), Milton Dick (ALP), Ian Maurice Ferguson (UAP), Janet Lindbom (PHON), Mike Head (SEA), Scott Moerland (FACNP).

Margin: 9.1 per cent

History: The seat has been held by Labor since its establishment in 1949 apart from 1996-1998 when it was won by Pauline Hanson but the boundaries of the seat were later changed, splitting her support base between Oxley and Blair. Former opposition leader Bill Hayden held the seat from 1961-1988.

Local issues: Jobs, cost of living, transport



Luke Howarth
Luke Howarth

Northern suburbs and Moreton Bay seat including Deception Bay, North Lakes, Scarborough, Bracken Ridge and Bridgeman Downs. 152sq km

105,000 electors

Current MP: Luke Howarth (LNP)

Candidates: Troy Hopkins (UAP), Luke Howarth (LNP), Nikhil Aai Reddy (PHON), Corinne Mulholland (ALP), Neville John Fowler (FACNP), Jason Kennedy (Greens).

Margin: 1.7 per cent

History: The seat of Petrie has frequently changed hands between Liberal/LNP and Labor. It has never been held by the same party for more than 12 years in its 70 year history.

Local issues: Cost of living, particularly power prices will be an issue in the electorate. Congestion and highways are also expected to play a role, with both parties announcing upgrades for the area.



Jim Chalmers
Jim Chalmers

Includes outer southern Brisbane suburbs and Logan City, covering 131sq km.

101,700 electors

Current MP: Jim Chalmers (ALP)

Candidates: Jim Chalmers (ALP), Shyamal Reddy (UAP), Neil Cotter (Greens), Jesse Schneider (PHON), Peter James Andrews (FACNP), Ric Davies (LDP), Clinton Pattison (LNP), Yusuf Mohammad (Ind).

Margin: 11.3 per cent

History: Established in 1984, it is a safe Labor seat.

Local issues: Jobs, housing, cost of living, transport



Julian Simmonds
Julian Simmonds

Brisbane's western suburbs, about 440sq km

104,902 electors

Current MP: Jane Prentice (LNP) - not contesting

Candidates: Peter Cossar (ALP), Larry Edward Crouch (UAP), Joanne Webb (AJP), Rodney Miles (PHON), Julian Simmonds (LNP), Jake Schoermer (Greens), Andrew Banks (FACNP).

Margin: 9.1 per cent

History: Ryan was first contested in 1949 and has usually been a Liberal stronghold.

Local issues: Congestion and protecting local amenities

Scandals: One of the first victims of dual citizenship was Michael Johnson, who was unable to stand in a 2001 by-election because of his British citizenship. Johnson won in a general election in 2001 but the scandal-prone MP was expelled from the LNP over business dealings.



Llew O'Brien
Llew O'Brien

Diverse electorate. Includes Noosa, Gympie and Cherbourg, about 14,573

106,497 (as of December 31, 2018)

Current MP: Llew O'Brien (LNP)

Candidates: Daniel Bryard (Greens), Jason Scanes (ALP), Andrew Schebella (UAP), Llew O'Brien (LNP), Tim Jerome (Ind), Jasmine Smith (FACNP), Aaron Vico (PHON).

Margin: 8.3 per cent

History: Wide Bay has had a prime minister and a deputy prime minister. Labor's Andrew Fisher was prime minister from 1901-15 and Warren Truss was deputy prime minister from 2013-2016.

Local issues: congestion, unemployment, cost of living pressures.

Scandals: Mr O'Brien courted controversy for telling Malcolm Turnbull he would support a royal commission into banks and has butted heads with other colleagues on several issues.



Scott Buchholz
Scott Buchholz

Rural in south and west of Brisbane, about 7600sq km.

110,130 electors (as of December 31, 2018).

Current MP: Scott Buchholz (LNP)

Candidates: David William Wright (UAP), Shannon Girard (Greens), Innes Larkin (Ind), Pam McCreadie (ALP), Rod Smith (FACNP), Matthew Tomlinson (KAP), Chris O'Callaghan (PHON), Scott Buchholz (LNP).

Margin: 9.7 per cent

History: Wright was first contested in 2010 and held by the LNP. One Nation secured 21 per cent of the vote at the 2016 election.

Local issues: Drought-affected, congestion, self-funded retirees worried about their savings

Scandals: The original LNP candidate for Wright Hajnal Ban was disendorsed after the Queensland Adult Guardian raised questions about how she was administering the estate of an elderly man.

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