FOOTBALL: A frustrated Joe Fenech has responded to claims made about him at a press conference held by CQFC Energy board members to formally announce his resignation.

The Energy head coach and technical director said he did not want it to seem like a case of tit for tat, but would like the truth to be known.

After his resignation on Sunday was acknowledged by a brief text message from Energy chief executive Tony Zanda, Fenech met with Football Queensland on Tuesday before FQ then met with the CQFC board.

CQFC held a press conference on Wednesday, saying it had no option but to accept Fenech's resignation, as he had breached club protocol by actively seeking employment at other clubs during the NPL season.

But, Fenech responded by saying: "That is a total fabrication. I informed them prior to my signing that I had other offers and I was upfront and advised them which positions I was considering. I did not pursue any job once I accepted the position."

He was also accused of breaking protocol by talking to the media before his resignation had formally been announced and the article in Wednesday's Morning Bulletin was the reason behind the board accepting the resignation.

Fenech said he did not go to the media, and said the board broke that protocol in a statement sent to WIN at 1.58pm on Monday.

"I simply responded" Fenech said.

Fenech said, minutes before Wednesday's media conference began, he received a phone call from a board member, saying "because of the story in the Bulletin this morning (Wednesday), we've accepted your resignation''.

'' Then he hung up. I still do not know when they are paying me out or if I am to work the notice, albeit they have announced that I am not going to Cairns," Fenech said.

The coach said he was advised by Football Queensland at 7am on Wednesday morning that it had been agreed he would travel to Cairns with the team and CQFC was given two weeks to find a solution to the problems that existed.

CQFC also said Fenech failed to comply with the club's mission statement and goals.

But, Fenech said he, in fact, wrote the mission statement and goals, so why would he not adhere to them?

When this article went to print, Fenech had yet to be paid out, had not been paid superannuation since joining the club in November and had not been told personally whether he was to see out his four weeks.

"If my resignation was to be effect of immediately I would expect them to have a cheque waiting with my entitlements," he said.

Late yesterday afternoon CQFC media manager Grant Stockwell referred the Bulletin to the original press release issued on Wednesday for comment, and then said Fenech would receive his full entitlements in his pay today.

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